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Are You On MeChat? 10 Reasons Your Business Will Switch from WhatsApp and GroupMe in 2021

The heart of MeChat: QR Codes

The heart of MeChat: QR Codes

MeChat universe of products.

MeChat universe of products.

MeChat Icon and MeChat Symbol

MeChat Icon and MeChat Symbol

The best office away from office. The best way to run a business online. The best messenger in 2021.

MeChat gives the hustlers, gig workers, and self employed of Main Street billion dollar offices without the need for billion dollar office budgets.”
— Antonio James
ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2021 / -- The cryptocurrency Family Coins (AJFF) today announced the launch of MeChat, a FinTech Messenger that helps busy clients simplify the day to day operations of doing business so that they can focus on innovation and leading.

MeChat is easy to use and user-friendly and gives clients the control to manage and organize multiple businesses, many clients, and several projects all on one platform without the need for additional resources or infrastructure like a brick-and-mortar store to manage and organize it all.

MeChat automates business checklists and processes, like a business-in-a-box, streamlining such tools as financial services, inventory systems, pipelines, client management solutions, and payment processing.

"Entrepreneurship can feel like you’re alone and overwhelming with so many hats that leaders have to wear. The journey causes so many to quit before they start, or start and find the journey too challenging to continue. MeChat helps the little guys who are determined to do big things - be able to do big things by simplifying the business stuff. MeChat gives the hustlers, gig workers, and self employed of Main Street billion dollar offices without the need for billion dollar office budgets.", stated Antonio James, Sr. Designer of MeChat, on the importance of MeChat. For gig workers such as entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent contractors, moving operations online is expected to reach $455.2 billion by 2023, according to Statista. Also MeChat is a favorite among designers, temporary workers, service-based businesses, new owners, and talent agencies as clients can leverage the power of MeChat’s user base to instantly work together.

With legacy competitors such as HoneyBook and Upwork, MeChat differentiates itself by focusing on contactless solutions that are scalable across company hierarchies and verticals by using online News Desks like a “business-in-a-box” that gives clients the ability to manage and stay informed on every aspect of their project or business without leaving the box. Additionally, clients can create as many boxes, or News Desks as they want.

Each News Desk offers a combination of contactless tools that clients use to stay digitally competitive such as QR codes, news feeds, automated invoicing, and contactless payment systems that let’s clients add the payment feature on their own business’s website and social media profile.

Clients can even sell products in person or online and directly from their News Desk by setting up an online MeChat Store. As an incentive, MeChat store owners keep 92% of the earnings and can add their MeChat Store directly on their own website or social media profiles.

For long term growth, MeChat offers corporate clients a customizable product catalogue to upgrade their News Desk with enterprise-grade software systems like Learning Management Systems (LMS), Virtual Classrooms, Contactless table ordering, and over 30+ tailored-made News Desk add ons.

In summary, as an all-in-one solution MeChat offers clients a better way to streamline work and growth, while balancing work and life.

Reserve your MeChat name now, only on and get access to the top 10 Best FinTech Messaging Features that Will Cause Your Business to Switch from WhatsApp or GroupMe in 2021:
1. newsletters from your favorite brands in one place.
2. networking features to connect with and invite other professionals.
3. streamlined communication and contactless payments.
4. The ability to send auto emails based on client actions.
5. Get separate client portals.
6. Send emails to clients easier.
7. Book clients.
8. Multiple channels to communicate with clients.
9. Automate contracts and contract signing.
10. Get notified when someone book, or fills out your questionnaire.

How can you sign-up?
Go to and signup for a free invite to test MeChat Messaging features early. Provide requests and input while the Devs build. Plus, receiving an invite to join gives you the ability to be the first to create News Desks that interest you.

How can you become a client?
To become a client, follow these 3 steps:
1. Login to
2. Add a News Desk for your project or business.
3. Choose the type of News Desk that you want. To view the full product catalogue select the Enterprise or Sponsor News Desk.

Antonio Dewayne James
Antonio James Family Foundation
+1 4702308311

What is a MeChat Store? How to Add Products? How to View Orders?