Emerging Water Company’s Patented Tech can Hydrate The World amid the Global Crisis: Water Tech Inc. Stock Symbol: WTII


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WTII Teams with Terra Sustainable Technologies, PBC to Offer Alternative Energy Powered AWGs


Terra Sustainable is a great partner to integrate alternative energy solutions, including wind, solar & more into our patented atmospheric water generators immediately”
— WTII’s CEO, William Scott Tudor
WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Emerging Water Company’s Patented Tech can Hydrate The World amid the Global Crisis: Water Tech Inc. (Stock Symbol: WTII)

WTII Teams with Terra Sustainable Technologies, PBC to Offer Alternative Energy Powered AWGs

Amid The Global Water Crisis, WTII has been granted many Water Patents and has evolved as a "Pure Water Play"

- Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) Technology Market Leader.
- Patent Pending Technology Which Generates Clean Water from Humidity.
- Serving Home Consumers as well as Industrial Clients with Advanced Water Treatment Solutions.
- New Agreement to Market Reverse Osmosis Systems Through National Lowes Chain.
- The Company is Working with Terra to Design & Deploy Next Generation Energy Efficient Alternative Energy Powered Atmospheric Water Generators

Water Technologies International, Inc. (OTC Markets: WTII) the leader in atmospheric water generation, technology, production, and design announced today that it has signed an agreement with Terra Sustainable Technologies, PBC., a part of Terra Group Holdings, LLC. out of Austin, TX., to offer Atmospheric Water Generators that are powered by alternative energy. Terra Sustainable Technologies will custom design systems using solar, wind turbine, geothermal, and waste to energy systems to provide electricity to power the atmospheric water generators.

Terra Sustainable Technologies, based in Austin, TX, with operations globally, is a problem-solving entity, and its team is working tirelessly to tackle some of the world’s most pressing economic, environmental, and conservation focused issues in Agriculture, Energy, Healthcare, Mobility, Water and Waste. By using Terra’s patented and fully integrated sustainable technology systems, businesses, governments, and non-profits can be confident that their solutions will not only be cost effective and efficient but also clean and secure far into the future. For more information on Terra Sustainable Technologies, please visit www.terrasustainable.bz

Terra CEO Tony Saxton said, “I am excited to join forces with Water Technologies to bring uniquely designed alternative energy powered atmospheric water generators to our existing clients as well as to new markets around the world. This is a win, win for both of our companies.”

WTII’s CEO, William Scott Tudor, said, “Terra Sustainable is a great partner to integrate alternative energy solutions, including wind, solar, and more into our patented atmospheric water generators immediately, as the global water crisis continues to get worse. In that regard, we plan to offer our 1-to-5-ton units with Terra’s alternative energy solutions, which will quickly be followed by our larger commercial solutions for hotels and resorts, alongside our commercial and industrial wastewater and desalinization solutions capable of cleaning hundreds of thousands of gallons of drinking water, which is essential for ecofriendly communities. These new integrated solutions will also help with electricity costs that are especially important in markets outside the U.S., thereby solidifying our ability to license, market, and distribute our product line. I’m extremely optimistic about our future here in the U.S. and broad!”

Company Update. Water Technologies WTII has seen a pickup in orders and request for quotes for our AWG or Atmospheric Water Generators in recent months. Water Technologies expects to have orders for AWGs this year to increase its revenues in 2021. Importantly, the Company understands the importance of updating its shareholders on all of its developments, including striving to improve existing technologies along with driving sales on a global basis.

Water Technologies International, Inc. (WTII) and its wholly owned subsidiaries, GR8 Water, Inc. (Great Water) and Aqua Pure International, Inc. (Specializing in Filtration Systems) are engaged in the manufacture and distribution of technologically advanced Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG). These unique devices utilize a patent pending air purification input system to produce clean, great-tasting, safe water from the humidity in the air.

WTII makes freestanding water factory units for the home or office and large, industrial-sized water units using a modular design that can produce up to thousands of gallons of water each day from ambient air. WTII strives to make safe drinking water available to everyone on the planet, making the world a better place in which to live while nurturing the environment. WTII has patents issued by the USPTO and has filed for additional patents with the USTPO. WTII has also filed globally through the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Its "Water village" trademark has been issued by the USPTO.

WTII has evolved as a "Pure Water Play". WTII has technology and patents for atmospheric water generation, water filtration, designed mainly for drinking water, water for agriculture, and full line or wastewater treatment solutions. WTII sees continued growth in its ultra-pure DI water. With the completion of the acquisition of Water Zone, WTII is providing commercial and industrial wastewater solutions to its clients daily. WTII strives to improve the existing patented technology and drive sales in Florida and on a global basis.

- WTII Commences Big Box Home Improvement Pro Services & Sales Program for Residential & Business Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

On May 12th WTII the leader in atmospheric water generator production, technology, and design and in water treatment, announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Water Zone, Inc., has commenced a sales agreement with, AO Smith, a manufacturer of a whole house reverse osmosis systems to be sold through Lowes.

Lowe's Pro Services has chosen WTII to provide expertise in sales and service for its customers. WTII will be given customer leads, then go to the home or business and test the water. WTII will then offer and install the AO Smith water treatment equipment to provide clean water.

The WTII rollout has begun in 6 stores on the Treasure Coast and in the Palm Beaches of Florida. The agreement could expand to more stores as Lowes ramps up product inventory, sales & marketing displays, and continues to train additional staff. The RO system can produce 1,200 gallons of clean water a day and can be expanded for larger clean water needs. Florida has experienced growth throughout the entire State due to the pandemic. Commercial & Residential water needs continue to grow in Florida as the population expands.

WTII management believes that clean drinking water products are proving to be in high demand and this trend will continue to grow into the years ahead.

For more information on Water Technologies International, Inc. (WTII) visit: https://www.gr8water.net

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