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The Brazilian New Age Relaxation/Meditation Producer Has Earned Accolades from the Global Music Awards, the AkademiaMusicAwards and International Film Festivals

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 8, 2021 / -- Following an incredibly prolific 2020 in which she released four lushly produced, soul transportive full length albums, world renowned Brazilian recording artist Anaya Music’s new collection Rising Sun beautifully captures our collective spirit of hope, restoration and inner and outer peace as we move beyond the anxiety filled pandemic era towards a brighter, more fruitful and optimistic time.

The transcendent and uplifting 12-tracks of Instrumental Healing Music reflect, in Anaya’s words, “a unique encounter with a Divine being; cultivating the Beauty at the highest level of spiritual qualities and expanding the sunlight as a messenger of greater love of the Whole and in the universe. After chaos on Earth, there will be a Rising Sun of a new humanity.”

In addition to Anaya Music, who plays keyboards, flutes and sax in addition to creating her trademark sweeping orchestrations, Rising Sun features guitar contributions by Sami Turunen and Matthew Shell, sound design by Pedro Tavarez and image design by Marcio Alves. Suzanne Doucet from Only New Age Music served as the project consultant. Anaya’s photo of a brilliant Brazilian sunset was used for the album’s cover image.

Anaya Music has been on dynamic roll since 2017, earning accolades from the Global Music Awards, the Akademia Music Awards, IndieMusicChannel, Clouzine Interational Music Awards and international film festivals in the U.S., Canada, UK, Italy, Greece, Japan, etc. for the compelling, visually stunning videos she creates with producer Marcio Dias.
Upon the release of Rising Sun, the multi-instrumentalist added to her ever-expanding list of international nods, receiving an Award of Recognition from the Accolade Global Film Competition for the illuminating, nature photo filled short film of the title song “Rising Sun.”

Anaya Music has released a haunting clip for the track “Twilight” with an array of images contrasting nature’s intense darkness and warm, inviting light. The artist says, “The ‘Twilight’ video is about transformation, transcendence and acceptance. Bela co-exists with her primal side and in this transformation, she is able to transcend and raise her voice in the universe. With this, souls also transcend to a new dimension of absolute love.”

Though “Twilight” fits perfectly into the powerful and uplifting narrative Anaya shares via her music, energies and soothing vibes of Rising Sun, it is also the third part of an audiovisual trilogy the artist started with her 2020 recordings and videos of “Forever” and “Immortal.” The clips for “Forever,” “Immortal” and “Twilight “ won top honors from the Akademia Music Awards, won Best Music Video at the Royal Wolf Film Awards and won Best Mystery Music Video at the Cannes SilkRoad film Awards.

Starting with “Openness to Love,” the titles of many of the other tracks on Rising Sun reflect a theme of moving forward and opening to new states of love, enlightenment and consciousness: “Flowers,” “Morning Star,” “Wonder of Light,” “Moonlight,” “Voyager,” “Happy Hour,” “Garden.”

Speaking of the philosophy behind the Rising Sun concept, Anaya says, “I believe we should always stay focused on what makes us happy, like writing, playing, driving, meditating, etc. And above all, we have to find within us the space of the sacred, the inner sun. Though it has caused much fear and suffering, the pandemic has been an immense opportunity to mature, internalize and grow in our evolution as a living Being with Soul. Both literally and metaphorically, the sun gives love to all. Love in the universe is energy and more people need to know how to produce and spread this love through the work we do every day.

“We should always be seeking things or people that give you a feeling of love, a union to God or another dimension where you are linked to a higher consciousness and unconditional love,” she adds. “That’s the rising sun – and an opening to a new dimension, your inner sun! This music is about digging deeper to find our inner suns and seeing how that discovery changes our vision of the world and, by extension, our relationships with those around us.”

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