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Anaya Music and her Recording Team

Anaya Music and her Recording Team


An award for me means the accomplishment, realization, a taste of joy and a way of disseminating our music with an infinite gratitude for that.”
— Anaya Music
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 2, 2022 / -- Long renowned as one of new age music’s most groundbreaking relaxation/meditation composer/producers, Brazilian based recording artist Anaya Music has emerged over the past few years as a powerhouse force in filmmaking as well, with high concept videos that have earned her a staggering 136 (and counting) international accolades, including three Best Music Video Awards in 2021 (for “Immortal,” “Twilight” and “Infinite Love”) from the Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles, which has also nominated her for Artist of the year (2021) and the prestigious Outstanding Legacy Award for 2022.

Anaya Music has been on an inspiring roll for her multitude of audio and video releases since 2017, also earning accolades from the IndieMusicChannel, Clouzine Interational Music Awards, Royal Wolf Film Awards (U.S.), Red Movie Awards (France) and London Music Video Festival and other festivals and organizations in the U.S., Canada, UK, Italy, Greece, Japan, India, Sweden and Bhutan, Himalayas, etc. for the high impact, visually compelling clips she creates with producer Marcio Dias. 90 of these awards are from major film festivals across the globe.

Keeping the creative momentum and innovation flowing, Anaya Music has many exciting projects on tap in 2022, including two new original full length albums – Ascension and Quietness – and the collections Forever New Age, Vol I and Vol II, which are compilations of remastered versions of older material that is no longer available on CD and not otherwise available for streaming. The artist describes Ascension as “the need for people in the world to not be so attached to impermanent situations but to focus instead on their own souls to elevate their frequencies to embrace a spirit of unconditional love.” She was inspired to compose the music for Quietness from spending a peaceful time on Lake Paranoa, an tranquil artificial lake in Brasilia.

In addition to working on a video for “Inner Peace,” a track from Quietness imbued with piano, flute and strings, Anaya is in the early stages of developing “Amazon: A Healing Forest,” a short film about a fascinating adventure her late father had in the Amazon Rain Forest. He was a military pilot whose plane had an operational accident and had to land quickly in the middle of the forest. He and his team were lost for 15 days by a river and he caught malaria. The story told is one of survival and how the elements of the Forest come to heal him.

Anaya Music followed an incredibly prolific 2020 with an equally spectacular slate of albums and videos in 2021. Released in March, her uplifting and transcendent collection Rising Sun hit the Top Ten on the OneWorldMusicRadio chart and the Top 40 charts NYC. Anaya Music quickly followed that recording with the progressive electronic album Overpop2021 (a re-issue with new arrangements) and the 13 movement concept album Selfmusic, whose subtitle is Meeting Your Inner Peace.

The singer and filmmaker’s film and video output was equally impactful. Her haunting clip for “Twilight,” which features an array of images contrasting nature’s intense darkness and warm, inviting light, won, among other awards, Best Music Video, Best Director and Best Original Music Score at the Royal Wolf Film Awards in the U.S., Best Mystery Music Video at the Silk Road Film Awards in Cannes, France and was a finalist at the Munich Music Video Awards and the Red Dragon Creative Awards in Dallas, TX. Anaya Music’s “Love” was a Best Music Video winner at ten international film festivals, including the Berlin Short Awards, Beyond the Curve in Paris, Hollywood International Golden Age Film Fest, the Vienna Short Film Festival and the Rome Music Video Awards.

“An award for me means the accomplishment, realization, a taste of joy and a way of disseminating our music with an infinite gratitude for that,” says Anaya Music. “We need to be humans full of love in order to ascend new dimensions of existence, and music for me is the gateway, opening millions of new possibilities. It’s transcendence to the infinite, a gateway that will bring us new energies of awareness and illumination, helping us to see the world in a broader perspective as humanity and planetary life.”

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