MONET’S GARDEN, a New LP by Pioneering Musicians Dean and Dudley Evenson, Inspired by the Paintings of Claude Monet

A colorful crimson album cover with bright florals and images of Dean and Dudley Evenson making music.

The colorful album cover of Monet's Garden, the latest LP by Dean and Dudley Evenson, co-founders of Soundings of the Planet.

Dean Evenson stands next to large image of Claude Monet; both have impressive white beards.

Musician and composer Dean Evenson standing in the shadow of his favorite painter, Claude Monet; the Evensons spent five days exploring and videotaping Monet's gardens in Giverny, France in preparation for this album and their videos.

Dean serenades Dudley by the river, both dressed in white against the greenery.

Dudley and Dean Evenson celebrate their love for one another, for nature, and for the Impressionist paintings of Claude Monet, on their new album, Monet's Garden.

With over one billion-plus streams to date, Washington’s premiere “New Age” label, Soundings of the Planet, releases the lush, calming new album MONET’S GARDEN.

The message of Mother Earth and taking care of the planet was so important in everything we’ve done. It’s the foundation for our work, the rock we live on.”
— Dean Evenson
BELLINGHAM, WA, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2021 / -- Soundings of the Planet, the decades-old “New Age” record label that boasts well over one billion song streams across all digital platforms, is releasing its newest LP, Monet’s Garden, which the label’s founders, Dean and Dudley Evenson, created after a lifelong love affair with the work of the famed French impressionist painter, Claude Monet. The lush, calm 12-song album is available now in both physical and digital formats on all major platforms, including Amazon and the label's own shop at

"That Monet could walk out his door and paint the nature around him is so similar to how Dean works his craft,” Dudley says. “Monet loved living out in the country just like we love living at the end of a long road, surrounded by gardens, next to a wild river.”

To create Monet’s Garden, the two traveled to France to study the impressionist master’s work in every museum in which it hangs in Paris, including the Musée d’Orsay, Musée de l’Orangerie, Musée Marmottan-Monet, and the Louvre, while also immersing themselves in his spirit in his lush, colorful and fragrant gardens in Giverny.

“The message of Mother Earth and taking care of the planet was so important in everything we’ve done,” Dean says. “It’s the foundation for our work, the rock we live on.”

For their newest album (and one of their most special to date), Dean and Dudley re-dedicated themselves to the artwork of Monet. In a way, they’ve run in parallel for years. In his time, Monet broke from conventional form and created his own precise though rather improvisational style, which was also deeply rooted in the natural world: ponds, flowers, fields, lilies. His work is lovely but challenging, soft but intricately made. It’s dreamy, yet poignant.

Similarly, Monet’s Garden is tempered, yet full of depth and richness. The 66-minute album is relaxing but also sincerely connected to its organic inspirations. It is healing, revitalizing and challenging in the way exquisitely made music can be. Recently, while in Giverny, France, a few hours outside of Paris, Dean and Dudley spent five days in the famed Monet Gardens, multiple stints per day, documenting the water lilies, Japanese bridge, wisteria, rhododendrons, azaleas, bamboo and weeping willows. The time reminded the couple of the flowers and gardens in their longtime home in the Pacific Northwest, just a few hours north of Seattle, Washington, which also shares a few similar songbirds. It also reminded them of the pond and woods they helped preserve around their Soundings studio.

“We’re very proud of this new album,” Dudley says. “Over the years, our music of flute and harp has benefited people through massage, yoga and meditation. Now, Monet’s Garden can continue that by showing that our relationship to Mother Nature herself is so important.”

Together, Dean and Dudley, who have released more than 80 albums and garnered well over a billion song streams and downloads in their illustrious decades-long career, create intentional, peaceful music. Songs that honor nature, considering their native Earth more maternal figure than “shopping cart.”

In their early days together, while living in Arizona, Dean took a night to sleep in the desert to make field recordings of the birds at dawn. He took those recordings to their studio and he and Dudley played lilting flute and harp over the nature sounds. A new music was born with their “Desert Dawn Song.” Dean and Dudley had been selling tapes of lectures by inspirational speakers like Ram Das. Now they could sell their own songs.

Together, the two created a lucrative sound, selling their music in health food stores, wellness centers, record stores and community events all around the country. People had never heard anything like it and told them they would have to create their own genre. Today, their award-winning music is streamed and bought widely, often used for relaxing, massage, and other healing modalities.

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Monet's Garden Album Credits:
Dean Evenson: Silver & Cedar Flutes, Keyboards, Field Recordings
Dudley Evenson: Harp, Hand Harp, Singing Bowls, Chimes

Monet’s Garden track listing:
1 Water Lily Nymphs
2 Wisteria Foot Bridge
3 Golden Tones
4 Splendid Irises
5 Water Garden
6 Spring Impressions
7 Enchanted Garden Path
8 Field of Flowers
9 Pond Reflections
10 Cascading Willows
11 Play of Light
12 Evening in Giverny

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Official Video: Enjoy "Golden Tones" from Dean and Dudley Evenson’s new album, MONET’s GARDEN, a tribute to the life and paintings of Claude Monet.