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‘Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE’ Releases Chapter 32 Time and Forgetting

Time and Forgetting leads to Foregiveness...

I am a Tiger as much as I am a Butterfly...”
— C.W. Männe
PULAU DEWATA, REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA, July 30, 2021 / -- Brainiac Productions LLC, Christopher William Mahne, and Sir David Michael Robinson today announced the release of Chapter 32 Time and Forgetting from ‘Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE’ on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and audio content on Soundcloud along with special SFX video content on YouTube and IGTV.

As the story proceeds to its ending, this chapter deals with C.W. returning and carrying the wooden cup with the moon’s reflection inside, but along the path, he is being guided by A BUTTERFLY, which he calls THE BRIGHTLY DANCING SHERPA. THE BUTTERFLY is the symbol of Ayahuasca. The fact that it is LEADING HIM, is an homage to the power of the medicine, to take you where you never thought you could go. In this chapter, C.W. must decide between CARNAL PLEASURE AND DEATH….OR, SPIRITUAL BIRTH... He chooses SPIRITUAL BIRTH, narrowly escaping his own lower nature…and drinking from the cup...

Sir David commented “Sometimes when you’re writing a piece, you start with a title. Other times it comes to you. We had long discussions about how interesting it was that 'Time and Forgetting' were both a poison and the cure in C.W.'s life. He has been punished and healed by both. His father’s voice whispers to him from the deep with just these words 'Time and Forgetting' over and again... C.W.'s ability to pull these types of insights from his life is why we wrote BINGE and wanted to share the story with the world. As he often says to me, “We don’t suffer from how much we know, but how little we are able to forget.”

Mahne stated simply "I am a Tiger as much as I am a Butterfly..."

The Grangita is "Pachamama Love Orgy."

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Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe: BINGE - Chapter 32 - Time and Forgetting