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PatientLink® Announces Collaboration with NeedyMeds®

A multiple award winning application, MyLinks is VA-certified to help Veterans manage their VA and non-VA medical records. MyLinks has rich features to help all patients (and caregivers) manage their health records from one account they control.

MyLinks provides patients with a free account to securely gather, manage and share their healthcare records from all their providers.

A multiple award winning application, NeedyMeds is committed to educating and empowering those seeking affordable healthcare.

NeedyMeds® is a national nonprofit, providing resources to patients who are having difficulties in paying for their healthcare and medications costs. NeedyMeds' information is always free and easy to access.

MyLinks® and NeedyMeds® are dedicated to providing resources for patients

Dedicated to providing resources to empower, inform and assist patients in their healthcare journey

MyLinks enables patients to import their records from all their healthcare providers and to have their own aggregated record that they fully control.”
— Debi Willis, CEO and MyLinks Founder

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2021 / -- PatientLink (Oklahoma City, OK) has announced a collaboration with NeedyMeds (Gloucester, MA). The patient-centric passion and dedication of both companies brought them together with a mutual desire to offer more free services to their users. The focus of the collaboration is to empower and assist patients in areas where there is a great need: the gathering, managing, and sharing of their personal health data, and access to a wide range of patient assistance programs.

MyLinks provides a free application to help patients securely gather, manage, and share all their health records from one secure location, fully under their control. MyLinks also provides patients with the ability to share access to their account with family, caregivers/care team, store and share important documents, such as: advance directives, insurance information, vaccine data and test results, and provides many other rich features. MyLinks has won numerous awards, most recently the 2020 COVID Innovator Award from Allscripts® – and most notably the “Consumer Health Data Aggregator Award” from the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

Debi Willis, CEO and founder of PatientLink, was driven to develop MyLinks based on her own experience as a patient and family caregiver. Debi states, “MyLinks provides patients with one of their most important needs to manage their health: their medical records. Doctors have their own electronic record of the patient, but it can be incomplete or contain errors. MyLinks enables patients to import their records from all their healthcare providers and to have their own aggregated record that they fully control. A complete and correct medical record is vital when a patient has an emergency, or is dealing with chronic health problems.”

NeedyMeds’ vision of “affordable healthcare for all” is evident by the number and variety of their offerings: webinars, patient assistance programs, diagnosis assistance programs, safe needle disposal and prescription discount programs, to name a few. NeedyMeds has received numerous awards, such as “Best Nonprofit to Work For”, “Top Rated Nonprofit” and others. They provide assistance to patients who have difficulties paying for their healthcare and medication costs. Their mission is to educate and empower those seeking affordable healthcare. Their website is visited by 10,000-15,000 people each work day, and their information is always free, easy to access, and is updated regularly. Unlike similar sites, they understand a patient’s need for privacy, so they require no registration and gather no identifiable information on site visitors.

“We are very excited about the recent collaboration with MyLinks,” said Richard Sagall, MD, President and Co-Founder of NeedyMeds. “It’s important that everyone has the ability to access their health records at all times and be able to access resources that may be helpful.”

MyLinks’ and NeedyMeds’ users are sure to reap the rich benefits this collaboration has to offer now, as well as in the future. All features are created with one vision in mind: helping patients on their healthcare journey.


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