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Brandon Cullen: Bringing innovative change to the fitness industry

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Brandon Cullen

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Brandon Cullen has successfully managed to bring innovative change to the fitness industry through MADabolic. Cullen's journey has been extraordinary.

“Fitness was a big part of my career and let me be relevant in a sport I was average at. Transitioning into fitness made sense as I built my career on it,””
— Brandon Cullen
CHARLOTTE METRO, NORTH CAROLINA , UNITED STATES , May 9, 2021 / -- Co-Founder and Chief Concept Officer of MADabolic, Brandon Cullen, has helped bring innovative change to the fitness industry through the experience he managed to garner in his time as a professional athlete, personal trainer, and gym owner.

Appearing on the Billionaires in Boxers Global Podcast with Phil Pelucha, Cullen shared his extraordinary journey and some of the qualities that allow his company to stand out among competitors.

“I grew up in Canada and tried to grind it out in the minor leagues playing hockey. I eventually found myself in Charlotte, North Carolina, underneath the New York Rangers farm system at the time. Fitness was a big part of my career and let me be relevant in a sport I was average at.
Transitioning into fitness made sense as I built my career on it,” said Cullen.

Transitioning from sport to business was logical but not easy for Cullen, though he cherished the challenges that allowed him to persevere. He teamed up with former teammate Kirk DeWaele to bring MADabolic to life in 2011 and since then has been pioneering new and unique approaches to fitness.

After using conditioning knowledge accumulated from their careers in sport and questioning the routines made fashionable by popular culture, Cullen and DeWaele aimed to cultivate innovative training methods rooted in reality.

“We thought about what was beneficial in our hockey careers that were not in programs that we were seeing on the sports-specific side of things and also on the other end of the spectrum. So we started building as a hybrid in the middle, which was the strength-bias-training-interval program. But, unfortunately, strength bias training for the masses did not exist, and it still does not exist to the state we would like to take it to, so that is our big opportunity right now,” said Cullen.

Cullen is equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge for Power Lifting, Interval Weight Training (IWT), and Plyometrics. He is also armed with knowledge regarding the movement patterns of Muay Thai, Boxing, Aikido, and Foundation Training.

Through his franchise, Cullen aims to provide a diverse range of industry-training methods and seeks to eliminate a lot of “nonsense” that has been spread about fitness. This “nonsense” leads to people practicing exercises incorrectly or doing exercises that are not conducive to their specific body types and abilities.

A unique characteristic of the MADabolic franchise is that it listens to and researches individual customer interests. Whilst he sees developing a quality product as necessary, he believes listening to the local conversation is just as important, a quality many businesses overlook. By doing an in-depth study of its target market, i.e. 25 to 45-year-old high achievers, MADabolic has cultivated an environment and model that has been successful among clients.

“I was in a new location, opening in Florida Jupiter, a suburban part of Florida, and they were talking about the music selection. We spoke about considering the non-explicit version of the gnarly side of rap. We walked through how to leverage Spotify to offer clean versions of the corporate playlists to do this. They believe that their customer would be less open to an aggressive form of rap. The product will be the same but listening to the local consumer about what will turn them on and what will turn them off is something you need to do,” he said.

Interview on Billionaires in Boxers Global Podcast

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