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Carver Pump Releases Ultimate Guide to Bilge Pumps for Ships

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The Muscatine-based pump manufacturing company has released a guide for selecting, installing, and maintaining these high-capacity centrifugal pumps.

MUSCATINE, IOWA, USA, April 26, 2021 / -- Every engineer on a ship knows how vital pumps are for day-to-day operations. Whenever a ship sets sail, there are multiple pumps working to ensure a steady and safe voyage.

One type of pump that is especially important to the safety of everyone is the bilge pump. These pumps, located deep in the bilge wells of a ship, are responsible for removing any water pooling at the bottom of the ship.

If excessive amounts of water get into the ship, the emergency bilge pumps can remove the water before the ship begins to sink. And if the situation is dire, these pumps can buy enough time for the crew and passengers to get to safety.

Because of their vital role in ships, there are plenty of things everyone working on a ship needs to know about them. And that is exactly what Carver Pump aims to address in their Ultimate Guide to Bilge Pumps for Ships.

This article is the most comprehensive resource on marine bilge pumps available on the internet today, getting hundreds of visitors every month.

Understanding the Basics of Bilge Pumps
The guide Carver Pump has published is by no means exhaustive. Neither does it dive deep into technicalities. Instead, it aims at introducing bilge pumps to engineers who may not be familiar with this type of pump.

The article starts by explaining what exactly bilge pumps are, before getting into why they’re vital, how they work, and the different types of bilge pumps.

The article then goes into how to select the right bilge pump, how to install the pump, and how to maintain the pump properly.

By the end of the article, anyone reading should have a better understanding of bilge pumps.

Pump Guide Series
Carver Pump’s guide to bilge pumps is part of a series of guides on marine pumps they’ve published on their website.

Aside from bilge pumps, Carver Pump has also released guides for marine fire pumps, oil transfer pumps, and potable water pumps.

Each of these pumps has a unique role on a ship, and Carver Pump aims to educate engineers and crewmates on the basics of the purpose, workings, selection process, and maintenance duties of these.

About Carver Pump
Since 1938, Carver Pump has been building world-class centrifugal pumps for the most demanding engineering specifications and military standards.

Headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa, all Carver Pump pumps are proudly American engineered and manufactured. Carver Pump’s quality management system is certified by Intertek to conform to ISO 9001:2015. Our commitment to quality includes not only our hardware, but also superior customer service, leading-edge R&D, and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Whether your job is fueling cargo ships, supplying paint to an auto assembly line, or bringing water to the fountain in a city park, you can trust Carver Pump to get the job done.

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