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Woman in the Maze – Story of America’s Largest Ghost Town, hits 300% of its initial funding goal on Kickstarter

Woman In Maze-GT

The supernatural thriller from Applied Art Productions is set to release this Halloween and is aiming to raise $100,000 on the crowdfunding platform.

CHANDLER, ARIZONA, USA, April 23, 2021 / -- Woman in The Maze, the upcoming horror movie from Applied Art Productions has started its fundraiser on Kickstarter. The full-service feature film production company, Applied Art Productions, is in the works for launching their new supernatural thriller ‘Woman in the Maze’ in October of this year. Director and Producer, Mitesh Patel, Assistant Director Rusty Case, Director of Photography Bernie Tarin, and Production Manager Tamara McDaniel explore the horror genre to make this chilling production. 

The movie revolves around the lead character Gabrielle reluctantly agrees to do a job as per her boss’s instructions, which requires her to stay in America's largest ghost town- Jerome, Arizona. Gabrielle books a few night's stay in a beautiful old home in Jerome. Undoubtedly, Jerome is the perfect historic town with a spooky history and although she does not believe in ghosts, the eerie atmosphere of the large house gets to her. Soon, strange things begin to happen that she cannot explain. Little did she know that the house had plans of its own. As the night passes, the sentient house sends Gabrielle on a run for her life. The audience will be shell-shocked whether the house is haunted, or if it is under a century-old curse through a range of bone-chilling horror scenes and frightening suspense. The movie sheds the spotlight on how she battles to stay alive and remain one step ahead in a maze that can prove to be deadly for her life.

‘Woman in the Maze’ deconstructs the horror genre like never before as Gabbi desperately tries to figure out answers while fending for herself, hoping to get out of the traumatic situation that she is in.  “Woman in the Maze is a familiar story told in a new and unique way. And it’s a perfect movie for Halloween 2021,” says Mitesh Patel of Applied Art Productions.

Applied Art Productions is known for producing and distributing quality films for the last 14 years from thriller, action, horror, drama, comedy, romance, faith-based, inspiring, animation, and fantasy. Some of their famous films include House of Quarantine, Instant Karma, Inside the Circle, and Anti Corona Virus Movie.

Mitesh Patel is optimistic despite the widespread COVID-19 lockdowns that started early last year. The resourceful producer vowed to continue working, saying “During the 2020 pandemic, when all of the film industry was stopped, we produced three feature films and one documentary.” As a company, Applied Art Productions is on a mission to create & distribute quality entertainment that appeals to a global audience. They want to produce films and television programming that inspire people to make a positive impact on the world. With over 19 years of experience producing feature and documentary films designed to be both entertaining and thought-provoking Applied Art Productions has produced over 15 movies that were produced and distributed in 20 countries on over 150 platforms including Apple TV®, Amazon, Daily Motion®, Hulu, and more. With extensive experience, producer, director, and owner, Mitesh Patel, will be able to bring their productions to a new level. Patel’s combination of creative solutions and management skills ensures the success of each product that is distributed.

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