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APTT3X™ Formulation Proves Effective in COVID-19 Brazil Clinical Trial

A non-prescription intranasal application of APTT3X™ formulation will DECREASE the risk of contracting COVID-19 by 150% .

APTT3X™ is a self-administered process of swabbing the lower passages of the nose, represents a scalable preventative solution that could slow the spread of COVID-19 on a global scale”
— Dr. Ernesto Cesar Pinto Leal Junior, ELJ Consultancy
ROCKWALL, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2021 / -- The efficacy of the APTT3X™ formulation has been validated in a just-completed clinical trial conducted in Brazil under “Black Flag” conditions. The data makes clear the formulation adds an additional layer of protection and decreases the viral load of exposure. The results of the trial continue to support the clinical field data that has been accumulated over the last 14 months with over 2,500 individuals applying APTT3X™ to decrease their risk of contracting COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

Advanced Penetration Technology, LLC, (APT) a Texas- and Indiana-based company ( ) specializing in innovative healthcare solutions for physicians and patients has received compelling validation of the protective and preventative nature of the intranasal application of its APTT3X™ formulation against the infectivity of COVID-19.

Conducted under the direction or of Dr. Ernesto Leal, sponsored by the Nove de Julho University, Sao Paulo at the Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Porto Alegre Hospital, a randomized, triple blinded clinical trial was performed in Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande de Sul. Rio Grande de Sul is dealing with the highest level of COVID-19 infectivity, hospitalizations and deaths in the country. The entirety of the trial took place under BLACK FLAG warnings from the Brazilian public health system.

Multiple variants of SARS-CoV-2 were present across this geographic region where the trial took place. The trial results demonstrated there was a DECREASED infection risk of 150% for individuals when using a single, daily application of the intranasal APTT3X™ formulation.

Importantly, APTT3X™ decreased the rate of COVID-19 infection by sixty percent (60%), compared to the placebo group. This decrease in the rate of infection is similar to those observed by some of the current available COVID-19 vaccines, such as Johnson & Johnson (66%), Sinovac Biotech (50.4% - Brazilian trial), and CanSino Biologics (65.7%). The APTT3X™ also demonstrated a high level of safety with very few slight adverse effects. It is important to highlight that most of these adverse effects were related to inadequate use of the swab applicator and not due to the APTT3X™ formulation.

“ Applying the APTT3X™ as a prevention is a self-administered process of swabbing the lower passages of the nose. This formulation represents a scalable preventative solution that could slow the spread of COVID-19 on a global scale”, states Dr. Ernesto Cesar Pinto Leal Junior, ELJ Consultancy.

Link to the COVID-19 Preventative Brazil Clinical Trial:

“In addition to the trial conducted in Brazil, there are currently more than 2,500 individuals using the APTT3X™ formulation within the USA who have used the product for 12 -14 months as a preventative strategy, decreasing their viral load of exposure. Many are first responders and high risk individuals. Of those users, we have only been made aware of 7 cases of individuals who used the APTT3X™ formulation then tested positive with COVID-19. As noted in the Brazil clinical trial, these breakthrough cases of COVID-19 infection resulted in mild cases, when the person was using the APTT3X™ formulation daily.” said Dr. Brian J. Huber, CEO/President of PFTH, LLC the parent company of APT, LLC

“The patent pending, proprietary APT™ formulation continues to demonstrate dramatic improvements in the efficacy of topical active pharmaceutical ingredients used within our formulation. In this case, the APT™ formulation combined with Tetracycline 3% provides an important option for those who desire another layer of protection against rapidly developing variants (mutations) of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The APTTM formulation’s unique dual-actions of biophysical and biochemical destruction of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses will change the trajectory of preventative discussions on a global scale,” states Dr. Brian J. Huber, CEO/President of PFTH, LLC the parent company of APT, LLC.

Current COVID vaccines are public health necessities. However, equally important is adding additional layers of protection, particularly given widely documented evidence of viral mutations, as well as patient side effects , as all vaccines have been scaled. There is also a global inequality of access to vaccines. The APTT3X™ formulation can be easily scaled, delivered and utilized in large populations to decrease the viral spread of COVID-19. This type of preventative product is desperately needed across the globe.

Proven safety and efficacy of decreasing viral loads of exposure leads to decrease infectivity and spread of viruses amongst a population. No needles, no injections, scalable and self administered once to twice daily. These steps are critical to stabilizing the long term battle against COVID-19 pandemic in the USA and globally.

About Advanced Penetration Technology, LLC: Advanced Penetration Technology, LLC, is an Indiana- and Texas-based pharmaceutical IP company that has created new solutions for areas of patient care utilizing over-the-counter product platforms. Its products have been used to treat wounds, resistant bacterial infections, resistant fungal infections, burns, acne and other conditions. Founded in in 2016, APT,LLC strives to provide access to highly effective care at the primary and home levels on a global scale.

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