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Colleen Haney of Communicating Energy Wellness Institute to be Featured on Close Up Radio

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / -- Our first Language, even from the womb, is “Energy.” Through Energy Medicine and Energy Therapy, we can learn about ourselves as Energy beings in physical bodies and have a whole different view of our lives as energy! Everything is energy! Our Emotions, our food, our relationships, our jobs, our homes, our pets, everything is energy that either supports us or detracts from us.

Colleen Haney is the founder of the Communicating Energy Wellness Institute, where she facilitates awareness, experience and education of our first communication system: Energy. Colleen provides Energy Therapy sessions that enable clients to awaken their true energies to enhance their lives and attract happiness and health.

“We can change our lives simply through raising our vibrations; or changing our beliefs systems which raise our vibrations,” says Colleen. “My goal is to help guide people back to their own true vibration, back to their essence which is love, health, abundance and happiness. We are bombarded by ail kinds of energy 24 hours a day which can disturb our subtle and precious energy systems. The constant bombardment doesn't leave much sacred, quiet space for ourselves, unless we take the opportunity to go deeper and find our unique vibration.

Through the Communicating Energy Wellness institute’s sessions, classes and trainings, clients may learn to access their body’s energy system for more resources to live, heal and increase their potential for more health, joy and abundance. Our Energy Systems wait for us to set clear intentions and give commands. Unfortunately most of us are unconscious to the amazing power and tools we have inside of us. Our energy system and unconsciousness is listening to everything we think, say or dream.

“Medical conditions are caused by stress,” says Colleen. “If we can think of stress as energy, how can we recognize what is happening before the body is stressed? How can we read the energy and make choices that serve us and our energetic health and integration or power? I believe that our physical body is our best friend, and it will do anything to get our attention, even make us sick.”

An Energy Therapist for over 40 years, Colleen was originally a speech language pathologist who worked with children with severe physical disabilities and communication issues. After being introduced to an energy workshop by Barbara Brennan, her life purpose and focus changed to promoting and teaching our true communication system and the language of Energy.

“I had a pretty strong background in spirituality,” recalls Colleen. “! was beginning to put the pieces together, when I met a friend, a nurse, who had just taken the Healing Touch curriculum, and she offered to work on me. As soon as she began the session, I was seeing and understanding deeper levels of communication. It realized ‘This is my language. This is what I want to communicate and share for the rest of my life with everybody. I'm proud of who I am today and that I have allowed myself to continue to evolve.”

Of course, not every energy modality works for everyone; it is not a cookie cutter approach to working and helping clients. Colleen's approach provides a program that recognizes their uniqueness. She offers Eden Energy Medicine, Healing Touch, EFT, Nutripuncture, Access Bars® and Aromatherapy and many more modalities.

“So many people are looking for happiness, but it all starts in your body, in your mind and in your spirit.”

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