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One Year After Announcing the Expansion of GMUSIC+ Services Guion Partners Is Thriving

GMUSIC+ Artist Management

Lindsay Guion, Award-winning Filmmaker & Executive Producer

Lindsay Guion, Founder & CEO of Guion Partners/GMUSIC+

Founder of Guion Partners, Lindsay Guion, announces increased services. The firm has experienced an influx of new clientele and outstanding positive reviews.

At GMUSIC+, our artists are at the center of everything we do...”
— Lindsay Guion, Founder & CEO of Guion Partners
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2021 / -- In 2005, Lindsay Guion founded Guion Partners, a leading management consultancy firm, on the premise that there wasn’t enough well-rounded talent representation available to emerging artists. Over the years, Guion has worked alongside big-name industry professionals and developed a skilled team of experts highly qualified in talent representation, entertainment marketing, and sports management. GMUSIC+ helps talented artists make it in the music industry by providing top management and securing sponsorships, brand endorsements, touring, merchandising, VIP ticketing, and more. The goal of GMUSIC+ is to help artists find success by leveraging multiple revenue streams and managing all aspects of an artist’s exposure.

"At GMUSIC+, our artists are at the center of everything we do. Our 360 strategy is based on a desire to be more fully aligned with our artists in every facet of their careers,” said Guion during the rollout of new GMUSIC+ services. Clients seem to be satisfied with their representation as Guion Partners continues to grow thanks to glowing reviews and an unrivaled number of artist services. “At the moment, the majority of artists are undiscovered. With the music industry being so difficult to break into, individuals need the right representation and contacts to build their brand and achieve their short and long-term goals,” explains Guion.

Lindsay Guion has worked with several high-profile clients, including Grammy award-winning artists, songwriters and producers, and prominent names in the technology and media sectors. In the past twelve months, GMUSIC+ has had countless inquiries regarding its services and signed many new clients because of its improved 360-degree talent representation strategy. “We are overwhelmed by the great response we are getting from artists in the music industry. We are fortunate that they trust us to look after their best interest, and we look forward to working with new and exciting vocalists and musicians in various musical genres,” says Guion.

To learn more about Lindsay Guion, GMUSIC+, or talent representation, please visit the Guion Partners website here.

About Lindsay Guion
Lindsay Guion has been at the forefront of the music industry for more than twenty years. Having studied at two of the most reputable universities, Georgetown, and Harvard, Guion was well-prepared for a career in entrepreneurship. Having identified numerous problems with existing talent representation, Guion decided to launch a consultancy firm to help artists in the sports and music industries develop their careers. In 2005, he launched Guion Partners, which has grown to become a leading multi-tiered media consultancy company. Through his firm, he has worked with several admired artists and producers, including Rich Harrison, the producer for Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child, and artists like D’Angelo, Ginuwine, and Mya. He has also helped create several notable movies and soundtracks, including ‘Posse,’ the HBO movie Bessie featuring Queen Latifah, and ‘Therapy’ starring Barachi.

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