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USA on 4 wheels and with reality in the foreground

Arturo and Juliet. Couple and actors. The perfect match to show USA to other inmigrants

Laureano Sanchez, guest european producer for the trip

A successful TV couple and a producer will travel to show, from the immigrants point-of-view, what the land of the Stars & Stripes is all about.

...the hidden face, not always sparkling, but always full of fascination. The show is about it”
— Laureano Sanchez
MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, April 14, 2021 / -- Arturo de los Rios and Juliet de Lima couple of Venezuelan actors now in Miami, whom we are accustomed to seeing every time they successfully appear on stage, are two actors who are not only a couple in real life, but also a winning duo in their marriage, and who are at ease with reality, each with a great sense of humor. They are now going to “place all bets” on the stage again and enter into an ambitious project, which no doubt, will be a winner.

As Arturo states, “since 2011 we have been creating stage spectacles in Venezuela and also since 2016 in the United States, and in every case, we have fulfilled our commitment to the public. This makes us extremely happy, and we are committed to follow those same steps”. From this experience, they want to help Laureano Sanchez, who is a producer in Europe, and all the necessary legal steps are currently being taken to be able to bring him here, as they have together all thought of an unprecedented project: A road trip through the principal cities of the United States of America.

Juliet says that thanks to their earlier successes that they have had in their presentations in Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Tennessee, Houston, Minneapolis, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa; “we consider that we should take advantage of the success we have had with all our public that follow us, and also show our daughters, what life is like in the United States, from the perspective of an immigrant”. Arturo adds; “Our teenage daughters, Samantha and Antonella, will also have roles in this journey, and we will be showing them what goes on behind the big screen lights”.

And it is here where Laureano, a producer that has taken us to many scenes of the old continent, plays a fundamental role, thanks to the experience he has in non-traditional setups and the professional link he has with the couple, being the co-promoter of a marvelous and opportune idea. Laureano states; “For me to get to know the essence of North America and to be able to work with Juliet, Arturo and the girls, is not only exiting but also a professional challenge. For this reason, I have evaluated their invitation and hope that all the visa requirements can be satisfactorily resolved. It’s going to be very interesting to help them with my experience of production in the field, to discover the reality of living in small towns on location, to show the life of the immigrant, of war veterans, all of who have succeeded in their “American dream”, as well as those who still struggle for it;, all linked together with the beauty of the landscapes and the incredible “American way”, that causes fascination throughout the world.

A high level show
This road trip that Arturo, Juliet, Samantha and Antonella are about to embark on in a motor home and under the production of Laureano, will show us, as the producer says; “the hidden face, not always sparkling, but always full of fascination; to the teenagers who come from other countries or who live in the north; showing the contrasts between rural life and that of luxury; from the spotlights of the media to the day-to-day of those who are not in camera, but are struggling to live their dreams, as well as those who haven’t even found their opportunities yet”.

To conclude, Arturo comments that “the journey will start on July 1 and last about 2 months during its first season. And the second season will start on December 15. For this reason, we are very excited to bring Laureano directly from Spain. He has ample knowledge of what is required to undertake a production such as this, fully understanding the creative process, and helping us with his experience in building the best product possible. Meanwhile, from Miami, the couple is organizing all the details to offer their followers on social media, how-to live-in Uncle Sam’s country”.

Minin Arevalo
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