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Dr. Ynge Ljung of The Allergy Kit to be Featured on Close Up Radio

HALLANDALE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2021 / -- Dr. Ynge Ljung is the Founder and Creator of The Allergy Kit, a natural, non-invasive, do-it-yourself method to treating allergies, that brings balance and harmony to the immune system without pain, needles or drugs.

“Allergies are the cause of many dysfunctions in our bodies,” says Dr. Ynge. “We live in a vicious cycle, eating the wrong foods with too much sugar, and foods that are gene manipulated and very toxic, creating allergies by making holes in the lining of the gut, where undigested food gets into the bloodstream.

The goal is to reclaim control of your health and not be at the mercy of your allergies or bad health anymore.”

The Allergy Kit was specially formulated for a better life. Dr. Ynge’s extensive education in both Eastern and Western medicine have allowed her to create an easy, powerful and affordable way to “say bye-bye to your allergies once and for all.” because even when allergies are not the main concern, eliminating them can improve our health dramatically.

According to Dr. Ynge, there is a direct connection between our brain and our gut. Serotonin is produced in the gut. Dopamine is produced in the gut. The vagus nerve starts in the brain and ends in the gut. If our gut is not in good health, it won’t effectively produce those feel good hormones, which can lead to depression.

“Depression comes from the gut,” says Dr. Ynge. “You can visit a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and take medication, but you might be looking in the wrong place. There's sugar in everything. We are conditioned to become addicted to sugar. It's a vicious cycle that causes digestive problems, skin problems and eventually depression. The Allergy Kit helps people to get rid of their cravings for sugar.”

April is Autism Awareness Month, a population that is near and dear to Dr. Ynge’s heart. The Allergy Kit includes an autism starter kit for children with autism to better address their behavior issues that are directly related to allergies, they are in fact allergic reactions! They also have many digestive problems that make them feel bad, but they often can’t express that they’re sick. Eliminating their allergies also makes them eat better, since they are picky eaters and crave food that makes them have reactions.

“Many parents don't understand the relationship and give them food with sugars that is detrimental for them, not to mention food coloring and food additives,” says Dr. Ynge “Many of these children suffer from allergies that manifests in tantrums, meltdowns, anger outbursts, or no eye contact. We can address the child’s behavior by changing their diet.”

Close Up Radio will feature Dr. Ynge Ljung in an interview with Jim Masters on April 16th at 12pm EDT

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