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WSF Releases “To Each Their Own” A Hysterical Shakespearean-Style Comedy Featuring Top-Tier Talent From Around the Globe

Shipwrecks, Clueless Rulers, Mistaken Identities, Adventure, and Romance; 
“To Each Their Own” Implements Tropes of Shakespeare’s Classics in One Online Show

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2021 / -- The Washington Shakespearean Festival (WSF) is proud to announce the release of To Each Their Own, a new-writ Shakespeare-style comedy, available in a virtual format. Featuring a cast of immeasurable talent from three continents and five time zones, To Each Their Own takes audiences on a journey that integrates beloved aspects of 
Shakespearean classics in one powerhouse performance. Available on YouTube (and by direct subscription), To Each Their Own re-frames the Shakespearean era by re-building Shakespeare’s artistic architecture in a way that resonates with society today.

The Washington Shakespearean Festival took on the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and made something creative to overcome them. While in-person performances halted, GregRobin Smith, Managing Director of WSF, took an innovative approach to produce plays in a virtual format. Redefining traditional theatre, WSF began having actors record themselves remotely, then stitched the videos together locally, creating one-of-a-kind shows that integrate talent from around the world. This international cast includes:

SPETOLI - a servant - Taylor Reich - Oklahoma City OK
DIANA - a noble Daughter - Elizabeth Loranth – Boston MA
ANTINIO – Noble, if Vain, 1st Son & Next Ruler - Kendra Hesketh* – Kelowna, BC Canada
EMILEA (and) FELICITA - noble 2nd & 3rd Daughters – Kate Vosper – Tasmania, Australia
CYRCUS - Noble Princess & Warrior - Becky Lyn Gil – Bothell WA
XENOPHON - Noble Prince & Ancient Warrior - Jay Rairigh* – Snohomish WA
BELARIUS - Noble 2nd Son & Warrior - Emily Lu Erickson – Seattle WA
CALLIPHONUS - Noble 3rd Son & Poet - Jason Ionone – Augusta ME
PROPHYRIO (and) PURSEGLOVE (head servants) Lee A Cain – Lynnwood WA
MOAN (and) GLUT - Two servants RISSA JOHNSON – Vancouver BC Canada
APTERYX - Guard (and) WILLIAM - a Pirate - GregRobin Smith* – Seattle WA
PHILLIP - Another Pirate – (and Costume Head) Megan Dew – Seattle, WA
BOATSWAIN - Chief of the Ship's Crew – Chief KISHIMBO – Tanzania, East Africa
CAPTAIN BRONACH - Captain of the "Sword & Glory" - Gary Jacobson – Seattle, WA
(* indicates member of the Directing Team)

Mastering the Soundtrack and Editing of the project Stefan Heller – Issaquah, WA

“This remarkable effort comes from the belief the Cast & Crew shares that though apart, we can create something wonderful together for the World to share. There is a reason why the play begins and ends with that magic word – Believe.” – G.R. Smith, Managing Director WSF

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to bringing the joy of Shakespearean performances to the masses; WSF’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the production of To Each Their Own. As WSF continues its efforts to produce works that educate audiences on the intricacies of Shakespeare’s World, sponsors and partners are eagerly welcomed in bringing each play to life with a well-rounded cast.

To learn more about the Washington Shakespearean Festival, explore sponsorship opportunities, or view the online performance of To Each Their Own, please visit:

About the Washington Shakespearean Festival

The Washington Shakespearean Festival (WSF) is the current representation of decades of research into the works of Shakespeare, and the influences that his time and culture made on his thought processes. Delving into his motivations, his questions, his techniques, and his audiences, WSF creates a modern interpretation using Shakespeare’s processes. Performing both brief and longer works, music, videos, scenes, publications, and interactive classes, WSF collaborates with top-tier talent from all over the world to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for global audiences. From Spain, Russia, Tanzania, Uruguay, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada; WSF works with top musicians, artists, and actors from every background for a multi-pronged approach to Shakespeare. To explain history from history’s best, WSF uses Shakespeare, his times, and his way of creating to involve, interact, and educate audiences who seek a better understanding of the world today, and the monumental people who paved the way for World we live in.



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