Protecting Utilities and the Customer From COVID-19 - COVID-19 Team Manager

PICTON, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 6, 2021 / -- COVID-19 is not going away as quickly as we first thought. Screaming Power has created a flexible Mobile Cloud solution to help Energy and Water Utilities in Canada screen the health of employees, consultants and customers before entering buildings. Normal work environments have become different due to COVID-19 and our COVID-19 Team Manager can help. This product was driven by our work through Ontario Center of Innovation (OCI) as a research project. It is now being implemented in one of Ontario’s more innovative electricity/water Utilities to help streamline paperwork and assist the Utility itself in keeping their employees and ratepayers safe.

COVID-19 Team Manager is a health screening and COVID-19 screening solution branded for your organization. It is a mobile and web-based solution for utilities and enterprises that have multiple employees, contractors, consultants or customers that risk coming in close contact with one another. Despite the dangers of COVID-19, certain essential work cannot be avoided and requires workers and clients to share the same workspace at the same time risking potential exposure. COVID-19 Team Manager allows a utility or enterprise administration to manage employees and customers by sending out a customized survey to all parties before meeting in person. This reduces the risk of infection by not allowing workers or customers to come in contact with each other if they have any COVID-19 symptoms but does not replace proper COVID-19 safety precautions such as wearing a mask, social distancing (when possible) and all other COVID-19 public health measures.

This easy-to-use platform avoids the complications of paper documents by using our mobile and web-based solution. Covering both mobile and web allows for simple use, regardless of the user's technological limitations. This allows anyone to be easily screened before the work begins and avoids unnecessary contact.

The powerful Admin Panel includes tools to manage and update surveys, look-up survey results and send out surveys to individuals via email. This core tool allows the workforce administration to determine whether it is safe for the employees and customers to interact with each other.

“We at Screaming Power never expected to be building a tool of this kind”, says CEO, Gary Michor, “but we felt it was the right thing to do to help protect us all. The solution leverages technology that can be reused for other feedback reporting needs but for now it will be used to help assist in the fight to inform, educate and safely manage human interaction.” We would like to thank OCI for their assistance, as the work we did with them had many great outcomes. The COVID-19 Team Manager is just one of them that will make an immediate difference today.

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