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Expert Small Business Bookkeeper Candice Marley Protects Profits and Helps Small Businesses Grow

Denver, CO, April 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Small business bookkeeping professional Candice Marley predicts the possible easing of the coronavirus pandemic will lead to a boom in small businesses opening and reopening this year, and she’s urging new and existing entrepreneurs to take control of their business’s finances now to protect their profits and grow their bottom line. Today we at Influencivewire are going to cover Candice Marley.

Candice Marley is the founder of Bookkeeping Solutions 5280, a company that specializes in helping small business keep on top of their books including  vendor management and bill processing, invoicing and customer payments, payroll and payroll taxes, reconciliations and all the other bookkeeping tasks that get businesses all the way through the monthly financial statement process. Although the company is based in Denver, CO, Candice works with clients across the entire United States to ensure their books are in order and they know their numbers. 

“I love helping small businesses understand where they are at financially, what they can do to grow their business' bottom line and become more financially healthy as a business,” says Candice, who left the world of corporate accounting to launch her own boutique firm.

She made the switch because of a long-held desire to help small businesses achieve their business goals. And with her prediction of an explosion in small business openings and re-launches this year, she says it’s imperative that business owners keep on top of their finances from the start.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are passionate about what they do, and more than often, they focus so much on getting their ideas off the ground that they neglect organizing their finances. That’s how problems can occur and quickly build up that risk stunting a company’s growth, and in worst case scenarios causing their business to fail. The good news is this is totally preventable.

Bookkeeping is work Candice has enjoyed practically all her life, and she’s developed such skill in the field that “I can practically do the work in my sleep. That level of experience is hard to find, and I’m happy when I can use it to help small business owners achieve their goals.”

She recalls how her grandmother would run the books at her grandfather’s busy motorcycle shop while babysitting Candice, and that’s where she discovered her love for the work. “I remember helping her with receipts and using the adding machine,” she recalls fondly. “Something about it clicked with me, and I went into accounting right out of high school.”

Throughout her time in the corporate accounting world and now as the boss of her own bookkeeping company, she has worked every day thinking of one word: excellence.

“I am driven to be the most excellent in the field,” she says, and the reward for that hard work is the benefit she can bring to the owners of small businesses, non-profit organizations, and other entities. “Ensuring our clients know they have the best bookkeeper in the field drives me,” she says. “I am inspired daily by my clients and watch how they gain a new level of understanding and confidence about their businesses through the lens of their financials.”

Every client who works with Bookkeeping Solutions 5280 knows they will receive constant support with their financial foundation and planning. “I don’t think I’ve ever taken a sick day,” Candice says. “No matter what is going on in life I just keep going and driving towards my long-term goals. It's the only way to achieve any level of success.”

And that’s the mentality she brings to her work with her ever-growing list of clients, which is likely to expand even more with the expected post-pandemic boom of new small businesses opening.

Candice has unfortunately witnessed what happens when people don’t keep their budgeting in good shape. “I always tell my clients they should know their financial numbers because they are the real keys to success. You need to know if you are making a profit, where your expenses are, and how you can tighten your percentages to squeeze more profit out.”

What makes Bookkeeping Solutions 5280 stand out for small businesses are two vital elements that also drive Candice and her team in their work: consistency and experience.

“Unfortunately, it’s a bad trend in our field that most bookkeepers do things as they feel like it or when they get around to it,” she says. “They might let financial information pile up over many months and then one day have to rush to complete it, which creates major risk for mistakes. Often, we’re called on to take over the books from a company that has had trouble with other bookkeepers, and when we see those books it’s clear there is just a lack of knowledge.”

Candice adds, “I’ve seen some bookkeepers who have scattered books, or their books aren’t complete or organized, but we are in our clients’ books every week.”

Bookkeeping is more than organizing numbers – where the true benefit comes from is being able to interpret what those numbers mean and how you make them work for you. For example, Candice’s team sets a precise schedule every month for having all work done and producing financial reports so they are timely, relevant, and accurate. It’s a full-service, full-cycle effort that lets small business owners know where they are at financially at all times.

Candice says regardless of whether someone is just launching their business or is hoping to finally balance the books and have solid financials for a long-running business, having the expert assistance from a team like Candice’s is the “behind-the-scenes” secret to ensuring profitability and growth.

She says, “Don’t wait to build your solid financial process, fix your bookkeeping now so that when you are busy again, you’ll already have a good foundation in place.”

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