Talking Dog Targeted by COVID Conmen: Guildhawk Call to Online Platforms to Digitally Transform Fraud Controls

Guildhawk Director David Clarke calls on Governments to protect COVID-19 Aid money from fraudsters

Guildhawk Director David Clarke calls on Governments to protect COVID-19 Aid money from fraudsters

 Terrier speaking English avatar with the words beneath Lucy victim of covid-19 fraud

Guildhawk News: Lucy the Dog victim of COVID-19 Fraud

Photograph of David Clarke Guildhawk Director of Integrity and swoosh banner beneath with words Speaks to BBC Radio Sussex about Romance Fraud

BBC Radio interview with David Clarke, Guildhawk Director of Integrity Speaks about Romance Fraud

A Border Terrier called Lucy describes how cruel fraudsters have targeted her with a series of online scams during the pandemic and appeals for action

There is a gap in the global market for the Most Trusted Integrated Online Marketplace, where identities are verified, fraud is stopped and customers ‘feel safe and happy’.”
— David Clarke, Director of Integrity Services, Guildhawk
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 30, 2021 / -- Fraudsters have always been cruel, but since lockdown, they’ve gone all out to hurt and steal from innocent victims, like poor Lucy, an elderly border terrier. Her sorry saga, recounted in a short video interview, shows how criminals use old tricks to con millions into parting with their cash.

You could dismiss hapless Lucy as comical if she were not such a true-to-life depiction of the cruel victimisation that’s occurring across the world every day. Lucy is not a joke; she’s an illustration of the cruelty that fraudsters dispense, and it’s not new; it’s just increasing.

Last week, City of London Police said that, since 1 March 2020, Action Fraud has received 6,000 reports of pandemic-related scams resulting in £34.5m being stolen from victims in England and Wales. I want this to stop, which is why I’ll explain below what can be done to protect the innocent and why digital transformation in the online world actually presents a brilliant business opportunity.

Victims of online fraud and consumer protection groups are angry that platforms are not doing more to protect their users, and there are calls for greater regulation and penalties. That may happen in time, but there is another, more immediate reason why online platforms need to do more; because if they don’t, they will lose customers.

There is a huge gap in the market for an online platform that is the most trusted service in the world and a huge prize for the company that takes that accolade according to David Clarke, chair of the UK's COVID-19 Fraud Watch and Director of Integrity at Guildhawk.

Clarke has called for online platforms to digitally transform to better protect customers and gain a competitive advantage. He also says the other big opportunity that so many companies overlook is Language. To build trust and loyalty with staff and customers around the world, successful businesses talk trust and safety in every language and cites the approach taken by the BSI.

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Guildhawk News: Lonely Dog Lucy appeals to online platforms to do more to protect customers and win trust