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Anonymous Chat App Zill Hits the 1 Million Installs Milestone

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Zill has confirmed its growing popularity across the Arab region by achieving 1 million installs among users looking for safe, anonymous, quality conversation

UNITED STATES, March 25, 2021 / -- Zill, the anonymous chat app focused on quality communication, has reached the milestone of 1 million active installs among privacy-conscious Arab users. The high-quality chat app has resonated with Arabs seeking a reliable way to communicate freely while adhering to their faith-based values and traditions. The app’s success to date confirms the strong demand for an anonymous service that helps users find like-minded people ready to talk in confidence.

According to the app’s founders, the Zill community has grown in a balanced way to reach the 1 million mark with an almost equal install rate among men (55%) and women (45%) in the age range from 24-55. In addition, the app has achieved its goal of a 90% concentration of Arab users, which underlines the app’s commitment to the unique social challenges experienced by its target audience. Over 60% of users reside in Saudi Arabia, 14% come from UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait, and 24% consist of global Arabs, while only 2% of members are US-based.

The appeal of Zill rests on the promise of anonymous chat that helps people communicate without revealing their identity. The conservative customs and traditions of Middle Eastern society often advise against chatting to strangers online because it may lead to unwanted attention, regrettable conduct and social consequences. Although the majority of Arabs now enjoy the benefits of social media and online communication, there has always been a lack of dependable chat apps serving Arab users in a socially responsible way.

Zill’s solution is an alternative approach to maintaining the boundaries of Arab culture and tradition whilst also promoting the freedom to discover and meet people online. By guaranteeing anonymity, the app protects users from revealing compromising personal details and meeting the wrong people. Those who initiate a chat have their profile hidden so the recipient is only able to see their message. In addition, all users keep their profile secret by default unless they choose to reveal it to their chat partner.

Trust is always going to be an essential ingredient when launching an anonymous chat app to an Arab audience. To address this issue, Zill’s developers built the app around a core of privacy and safety features such as anonymous profiles, account verification, 24/7 moderation, and a complaints tool for reporting inappropriate activity. In addition, very little personal information is required to register a profile and there is no need to connect any social media account such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Although anonymity and security are major attractions of Zill, it is equally important to find the right people when chatting online. Zill’s machine learning algorithm was developed to bring chat partners together in a more intelligent way, whether through filter-based search or focusing attention on the most active and suitable users in the profile list. Members also have the option to take advantage of the algorithm by using a paid boost to increase their profile visibility, attract more attention and find better chat partners.

Another reason for Zill’s success is the two straightforward subscription options that enable members to upgrade the app. The basic package offers unlimited chat, gender and age search filters, and enhanced profile visibility, while the advanced subscription package additionally provides free anonymous voice calls and full filters including location.

Now that Zill has reached the 1 million installs milestone, the app’s team is reportedly aiming to increase growth in more Arab countries and continue developing the app to meet the needs of anonymous chat across the Arab region.

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About Zill:
Zill is an anonymous chat app built for privacy-conscious Arab users seeking secure and enjoyable conversation without revealing their identity. Following development and launch in 2019, the app quickly achieved 1 million installs proving demand for such an app across the Arab region as originally envisaged by the app founders. The app brings the right people together using a smart algorithm, and facilitates easy and safe communication without disrupting cultural values and traditions. To achieve this, Zill gives profile anonymity to users who initiate the chat, and enables everyone to hide their profile and only reveal it at their time of choosing. It is possible to find chat partners using search filters or simply by purchasing profile boost functionality. The carefully designed app uses the best technology to help users always maintain their boundaries.

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