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Exopek and Cyborggainz Announce Exclusive Strategic Partnership

Train Like A Cyborg Hybrid-TLC Pro

New Hybrid Functional Training Pack Train Like A Cyborg

Industry leaders join forces to provide distribution of the most innovative Functional Training Equipment in North America. The Train Like A Cyborg Pack

With no limits on location and equipment, people can now pursue goals such as fitness, endurance, flexibility and weight loss in the comfort of their own homes.”
— Jean Fallacara

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2021 / -- EXOPEK Gmbh and Cyborggainz are pleased to announce they have entered a global strategic partnership, combining EXOPEK engineering innovators in functional training equipment with Cyborggainz world class human optimization training for delivery of next-gen technology fitness functional training equipment in North America.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in the fitness industry, the pandemic transforming whether, when and how we exercise as consequences of the imposed lockdown, many aspects of fitness activities have changed. The need for an ultimate hybrid training equipment for living a sustainable, healthy lifestyle became an urge.

With no limits on location and equipment, people can now pursue goals such as fitness, endurance, flexibility and weight loss in the comfort of their own homes.

Starting with basic push-ups, dips and squats and gradually making their way up to hanging-knee raises, we are giving people more freedom and flexibility.
Says Jean Fallacara

Exopek team is convinced that this partnership was the missing part in our development, We are convinced that Cyborggainz was the perfect partner to represent our brand in North America.
Says Pascal Gründer

On every aspect of business, companies recognize that they need to accelerate the development of the North American market to ensure they remain on the competitive vanguard.

The partnership brings together deep skills in fitness, business, engineering and strategy, product ideation, technology development and deployment.

About the Technology

Named Hybrid TLC for Train Like A Cyborg, Backpack, the Product will be available in 2 configurations- One for Professionals one for Beginners-

Bringing athletes over the world with a wearable external fitness system to train in an absolutely independent way. Designed to enhance and unlock every athlete's potential in every movement everywhere and every time.

Resulting from a combination of two well-known technologies - a backpack and resistance bands - in a whole new next-level system to transform anyone into a hybrid body athlete.

Hybrid-TLC - the human upgrade - makes everybody moves count more than ever before - everywhere and every time. The future of workouts


An ambitious company from Hannover, Germany, focused on the future of functional sports equipment.

Backed by an experienced team, with a technology and sports scientific background, Exopek created an innovative product with a unique workout experience.

The creation of next-level sports equipment remains their mission.

EXOPEK, developed a new state-of-the-art portable functional training equipment.

The team relies on uncompromising professionalism, shared vision, and utmost quality craftsmanship. Made in Germany.


Cyborggainz is Jean Fallacara’s training platform that uses the neuroscience concepts applied to sports & fitness. Involving neuroplasticity, biohacking, science, cognitive functions, technology, and nature, to enhance physical performance and live healthier. Specialist in Functional Neuroscience, using science, nature, and technology to upgrade the body and mind.

Jean Fallacara, Scientist- Eng. Biotechnology Athlete, Biohacker, Speaker, and Author of the book: Neuroscience Calisthenics

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