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CloudGavel Streamlines Warrant Processing Improving Public Safety Throughout the United States

e-warrant process service

Responsible for processing millions of transactions for arrest and search warrants, and affidavits.

CloudGavel helps law enforcement by speeding up the process of warrants.

Officers in the field can receive warrant approval within minutes instead of hours.

Judges can issue warrants electronically with CloudGavel

Cloud Gavel's audit trails ensure proper procedures have been followed during application. and approval

CloudGavel the number one source for ewarrants

Utilized in Law enforcement Offices, Investigative Bureaus, District Attorney Office and Courthouses.

Developed by Louisiana-based FusionStak, LLC, CloudGavel is the nation’s leading provider in eWarrants and has earned several awards for its innovation.

CloudGavel is one example of how we can help streamline the workflow in a secure environment. We strive to help our clients be more efficient in what they do and to recoup the costs of inefficiency.”
— Pratyush Kumar, CEO and founder of CloudGavel and Fusionstak LLC,
BATON ROUGE, LA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2021 / -- Law enforcement officers and judges can now complete the warrant application process electronically, using CloudGavel, a new system developed by Fusionstak LLC. To date, CloudGavel is responsible for 300k written and processed eWarrants and 1.1 Million warrant inquiries. The nation's leading eWarrant solution featuring 40 different warrant templates, CloudGavel, is utilized by thousands of law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

"Utilizing SAAS technology, CloudGavel has redefined how work is done by speeding the creation, issuance, and serving of a warrant. The technology replaces paper with an electronic workflow and best practice process", says Pratyush Kumar, CEO and founder of CloudGavel and Fusionstak LLC, its parent company.

Officers create warrants on the scene and electronically transmit to the judge, DA, or court clerk for a digital signature in minutes. All areas of the public safety spectrum, including courts, law enforcement, and the public, benefit by seeing much safer communities.

By utilizing eWarrants, the entire warrant process is facilitated in a secure cloud environment. The capability of processing warrants online allows for a rapid response time by the courts resulting in an overall improvement in public safety efficiency. Law enforcement officers can now get an arrest warrant approved in minutes as opposed to hours.

Casey Roussel, President of FusionStak, LLC's Public Safety Division explains the value of eWarrants. "It is a game-changer for the criminal justice system and for the public. The application allows officers to respond as a situation develops, reduces or eliminates travel time to have warrants approved, integrates video conferencing, allows for administering oaths for affidavits, and reduces errors in paperwork and procedure."

Before eWarrants, the law enforcement officer would write a search warrant application and then drive it to the judge for review. eWarrants allow a law enforcement officer to complete and submit an electronic search warrant application to a judge on any day at any hour. The judge receives a notification about a pending application, then logs into the system to review the document. The judge connects with the peace officer by phone to "swear in" the officer. Then the judge either issues a warrant or rejects the application.

A powerful and intuitive application, CloudGavel was designed to enable law enforcement officers to act quickly and ensure the safety of those officers and the general public. Law enforcement officers can take action as soon as they have probable cause, thereby reducing the possibility that a suspect will be tipped off and flee. An eWarrant can be created by an officer while in his/her squad car and sent electronically to a judge. If required, a secure video conferencing link between the officer and judge can be utilized. A judge can review the warrant and respond from anywhere, eliminating the need to be in an office physically. Once the warrant is approved and issued, the officers can print it from a portable printer in his/her vehicle.

Besides saving countless hours and even days of lost time by maximizing police resources' efficient deployment, with CloudGavel, law enforcement agencies reduce unplanned overtime used to process warrants and file paperwork. The total cost of the CloudGavel can quickly be recouped by the savings generated over the current manual process. Furthermore, CloudGavel allows officer work hours to be used for criminals' apprehension and conviction by reducing the time it takes to process paperwork.

"At Fusionstack, LLC, our goal is to create business solutions. CloudGavel is just one example of how we can develop a system to streamline the workflow in a secure environment. We strive to help our clients be more efficient in what they do and to recoup the costs of inefficiency," Kumar adds.

About CloudGavel

Developed by Fusionstak LLC, CloudGavel is the market-leading Electronic Warrants solution in the United States. CloudGavel technology allows officers to create warrants anytime from anywhere, using any internet-capable device, and electronically transmit to the judge or DA for a digital review and approval in minutes. It is a secure, multi-tenant SAAS solution built on AWS technologies. Headquarters in Baton Rouge, LA, CloudGavel is the leading solution provider for electronic warrants in the country and has processed millions of transactions for arrest and search warrants and affidavits.

About Fusionstak LLC

Fusionstak LLC is a business solutions provider led by a dynamic group of professionals with a passion for public safety. Founders of the electronic warrant concept in 2007, the Fusionstak LLC leadership team is dedicated to delivering the best problem-solving solutions on the market. Under the Fusionstak LLC leadership, CloudGavel has become the nation's top electronic warrant solution and has won several national awards.

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