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KECO Controls Installs Cooling Tower for Major New Jersey Medical Provider

KECO Cooling Tower control systems

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Process control instrumentation experts help medical facilities prevent flooding

LAKEWOOD, NEW JERSEY, USA, March 16, 2021 / -- In order to prevent the threat of overflow flooding, KECO Engineered Controls has implemented a system that helps prevent any overflow cooling tower water from flooding the boiler and operating rooms in a major New Jersey medical center.

In the event of severe weather, this New Jersey Medical Center experienced so much excess water from the facility’s four cooling towers that the discharge sumps would overflow into the boiler room and operating rooms in the hospital. As a result, boiler operations were disrupted and some patient procedures were cancelled. Events like these are especially dangerous, since they could decommission important parts of a hospital for days at a time, delaying medical emergencies and other operations.

To help correct the problem, KECO installed high and low water SPDT level switches in each of the four cooling tower basins. If a severe weather event causes the basin level to reach higher than the alarm point, the SPDT level switches send an alarm signal over a Banner Engineering wireless network to an alarm cabinet in the boiler control room.

The alarm point is set at a level which provides the control room personnel enough time to start the sump pumps at a much lower water level than normal. This provides enough sump capacity to safely remove the excess water from the sumps. The system also alerts the operators if a cooling tower basin level drops below an alarm setting, so other corrective measures can be taken.

As a result, the boiler operations and patient operations continue safely, without the risk of water discharge sumps overflowing in the event of a thunder storms, torrential rainstorm or hurricane.

KECO Engineered Controls has designed and supplied similar systems to power plants and pharmaceutical manufacturers to help them control excess ground water at their sites. They specialize in helping their customers implement customized solutions using the latest process control instrumentation equipment available.

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