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No one saw COVID-19 coming, but some companies were prepared

Seiso white paper details how to keep information and data secure in a constantly changing environment

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, March 16, 2021 / -- A year ago, working from home was a perk or industry specific role. Today, it is a norm - and appears to be here to stay. For every individual employee and their digital landscape, security risks have multiplied. Despite this transformative shift, many companies were ready and able to quickly adapt. Seiso, an industry leader in information security services, has released a white paper entitled: “The Seiso Way: The Never-Ending Quest for InfoSec Nirvana.” It details how organizations can develop solutions to the constant challenges to information security.

COVID-19 revealed the critical role technology plays in our lives. When companies were forced to shutter offices and send tens of millions of employees home to work remotely, it initiated one of the fastest technological transitions in world history. While many were quick to adapt, it also created countless information security challenges for many organizations.

“It wasn’t that long ago that personal Wi-Fi hotspots and two-factor authentication were rare, but today these are standard,” said Joe Wynn, Chief Executive Officer, Seiso. “Yesterday’s challenges quickly become the norm in today’s security world. However, as soon as those challenges are solved, there are new problems on the horizon. We’re excited to share how our process successfully protects an organization’s data today with an eye on the challenges of tomorrow.”

In “The Seiso Way: The Never-Ending Quest for InfoSec Nirvana,” Seiso highlights how by preparing and implementing smart, simple strategies, organizations can conquer both current challenges and future threats.

“Finding the right infosec balance is a continual process,” said Jon Zeolla, Chief Technology Officer, Seiso. “We’d all like to have complete comfort and security knowing that our data and systems are truly protected. To get as close to that place as possible we focus on processes that methodically and purposefully develop capabilities and improve the way risks are identified and managed.”

Seiso, an information security services firm based in Pittsburgh, was founded in 2017 and provides comprehensive information security solutions to clients across numerous industries.

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About Seiso
Founded in 2017, Seiso is a Pittsburgh-based information security firm. Seiso offers comprehensive solutions to help clients navigate security issues critical to their businesses. Seiso’s strategic and tactical approach to security is built upon leading industry management principles of structure, organization, and simplicity -- values that the company applies to everything it does. For more information, please visit

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