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Kimberly Adams launches " The corporate Hippie"

Most powerful way to shift corporate America

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 15, 2021 / -- Kimberly Adams announces her new book, The Corporate Hippie, a must-read, available on Amazon, March 12, 2021.

One of the secrets to Google, Nike and Apple’s success is known as the woo-woo method, these corporations deploy to gain greater profits. Kim’s book explores a multitude of methods Instead of responding to the role of the good ol’ boys club in corporate America. Kim dives deep into non-traditional methods responsible for gathering more success to any corporation, small business, and to your personal life using techniques such as listening to your intuition, activating your heart, building spiritual work families, practicing self-care such as meditation, and stillness, and trusting within the Universe.

Today's Corporate Hippie isn’t just a person; they are part of a movement. Could you be one of the next heart-led leaders who is beginning your Corporate Hippie journey? If you resonate as a impactful bad*ass then I hope you are guided by the spiritual universe to join along with me, Kimberly Adams. Let us change Corporate America Together!

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About the Author
Kim is a manifest-or of magic in her life and career, having built a business from $700K to almost $30MM with a bad*ss group of women. She’s in the business of changing how teams work together in corporate America by operating from a place of joy and love. She also inspires others to change their lives and go after all of their dreams by trusting their intuition, practicing self-care, and being deeply heart-led. She lives in Orange County, CA with the love of her life, and her bonus children Natalia and Emilio. Kim is also available for keynote events, radio, television, or podcast engagements.


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