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TimeClick Announces Blog on Common Problems with Excel Time Tracking

Excel is an all-too-common time clock software used by small businesses. Unfortunately, it just doesn't do the job well.

LOGAN, UTAH, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2021 / -- Using Excel sheets to track employee time is a common approach for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, this software is not efficient nor effective at tracking employee time. In fact, TimeClick claims, it’s hardly different than tracking your employee’s time on paper, another common – and painful – time tracking approach for small businesses.

"Small business owners face a unique challenge" mentioned Grant Esser, the General Manager at Hawkeye Technologies, LLC. "Small business owners and managers tend to work on a much lower budget than more established companies. It's natural to try to keep costs down while also wearing many hats, but it ultimately stunts growth. Grant continues, "The result is that most vital business functions aren't effective or efficient, thus, just raising costs in the future." This is exactly true when managers or business owners decide to track employee time - a legal requirement - on paper or in Excel sheets. Both of these solutions are tedious, waste time, and create huge administrative burden.

Grant added, "This is especially applicable for small start-ups, the mom-and-pop shops, and local restaurants and retail stores. It similarly applies to law firms, accountants, financial firms, small medical offices, and nearly all other small businesses. It's natural to try to wear many hats to keep costs down, but the truth is you need to focus on growth. As an entrepreneur you need to be selling, marketing, or creating the next service or product you'll offer. Let someone else handle the administrative tasks of your business. And in regards to employee time tracking and payroll, they should be very, very easy and quick."

Unfortunately, the vital business function of tracking employee time is often undercut. Small businesses tend to rely on Excel sheets or just paper for everyday employee time tracking. Grant recommends small businesses to get a "real" time clock software, and even a time clock app.

"A time clock software and time clock app handles all employee time tracking for you. Your employees can easily clock in and out themselves and you can limit who can modify or change those times. When you're ready for payroll, run a report in seconds to see the hours worked and by whom. Payroll should not take hours, especially as a small business owner where your time is so vital."

Hawkeye Technologies, LLC is a software company and the creator of TimeClick, a time clock software made for small businesses. At a one-time purchase as low as $199, it's easy to track employee time and get payroll handled quickly.

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