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Bi-Polar Girl fights To Eliminate The Mental Illness Stigma & Create Community

Bi-Polar Girl Podcast

Rebecca & Stephen In UK

Rebecca J. McDow

Rebecca J. & Stephen R. McDow II Launch Mental Health Podcast That Goes Global

MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2021 / -- Just before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, army veteran Rebecca J. McDow was thinking about how there was not a strong online support network for individuals with mental illness. Conducting a Facebook search she did find a few groups but found them mostly inadequate. Searching on Apple Podcasts, Rebecca found a few shows about the topic. However, they felt like pre-recorded therapy sessions. Rebecca was looking for more and turned to Stephen R. McDow II her husband of 17 years to assist.

Rebecca recalled saying:

“Babe…In a perfect world, I want to start my own show and group about living with bipolar. I want it to be raw, real and discuss real life issues within homes. Our home. Maybe our story could help someone like me or you!”

Stephen is an entrepreneur and a go getter that turned to her and said:

“Done! I will help you launch a show.”

In less than a week, Stephen found the platform to host the show – Anchor FM, inexpensive mics to use, but no name. It was during this time Rebecca said I want the show to be named Bi-Polar Girl! The name was perfect and the show began recording in January 2020. Since then, Bi-Polar Girl has seen support from North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe. Also, with 52 countries and counting, listeners are from Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia, United Kingdom, Philippines, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Pakistan, Bermuda, Peru, United States, France, Pakistan, Malaysia, Spain, Italy, and Columbia to name a few!

Bi-Polar Girl continues to have a warm reception as the show is included as a resource in Dr. Aimee Daramus’ BiPolar Disorder: The Essential Family Guide. Dr. “D” has been a frequent guest and co-host on the show.

Rebecca started out with using handles Snowflake and her husband Chacoman! These names were an inside joke but they worked. At first, they were worried about protecting their day jobs. However, as time went on they felt it was more important to show the world that living with a mental illness has challenges; however, with proper care and support from a team, individuals with a mental illness can live thriving and productive existences.

Rebecca and Stephen interviews authors, advocates, and those healing from mental illness. A few national names include Letters To Daniel writer and director, Amy Leigh McCorkle, and NCAA championship winning coach, Joanne P. McCallie.

Bi-Polar Girl can be heard on Apple, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Amazon Music, Player FM and more!

Rebecca J. McDow, Co-Host:

“I’m excited the show has grown so much and it’s actually a thing. We look forward to helping the millions of people across the globe and their loved-ones not feel so alone while fighting mental illness. Look at me. I'm just a Colorado 'gal' who went to the Army. Now, thanks to my support network, I am a Veteran, University of Penn soon-to-be graduate, Department of Justice employee, and wife.”

Stephen R. McDow II, Co-Host:

“You know…thinking back, I remember in 2011 when our second son was born. Rebecca was fighting suicidal thoughts, postpartum depression, and caring for two children while I worked a very demanding job at the Orange County Medical Association in Irvine, California. I wish there was a Bi-Polar Girl during that very stressful and overwhelming time in our family.”

McDow says that’s why he was excited Rebecca came to him about starting Bi-Polar Girl.

Many in Rebecca and Stephen’s inner circle view the show as their therapy. An anonymous source close to the couple said:

“Back in 2011, Stephen and his family experienced an embarrassing event, as too often seen, where he was dragged through the national and international press over a silly mistake. I remember Rebecca telling me they were getting death threats. And Stephen telling me strange looking men staring into their summer home on Martha’s Vineyard island in Massachusetts. Not surprising, as this mess was happening during the presidency of the first African American in the White House. I can’t get into details but the behind the scenes was as bazaar as the matter itself.”

This source went on to say it sent him to the hospital and he was hearing voices and tried to jump out of a moving car. Stephen has sensed healed because his wife, mother and family took care of him. By all accounts, Rebecca and Stephen learned a lot about themselves, family, and the world they live in. In terms of health, they are better and have moved on to commit their lives to making an impact in the lives of those marginalized. The McDow’s view the show as a way to provide someone else with a community they didn’t have. Bi-Polar Girl releases every Sunday at 8 am.

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