ContinuServe Announces ContinuFlow™ for Accounts Payable Workflow Automation

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ContinuFlow Supports Carve-Out Business Transitions and Processes through Advanced Workflow

With the rollout of ContinuFlow for carve-out services, we are able to provide our partners and customers working on short deadlines and new processes with increased speed, efficacy and support”
— Nate Medoff, Managing Director of ContinuServe
CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2021 / -- ContinuServe, a leader in IT and finance business process outsourcing, today announced its ContinuFlowTM cloud-based workflow automation tool can now be used to significantly reduce the timelines for carve-out business transitions.

Developed by ContinuServe, ContinuFlow was created to automate business processes with customizable workflow technology. It was designed based on years of back-office optimization projects conducted by ContinuServe for best in class flexibility and usability. ContinuFlow was also engineered to be rapidly deployed to support tight deadlines associated with carve-out transitions and support multiple back-office processes including payables processing, expense report processing and auditing, vendor master data administration, as well as accounts receivable and accounts reconciliation.

For example, ContinuFlow for Accounts Payables provides the following benefits:

Automated document ingestion through multiple mechanisms (including email and batch upload)
Real-time, two-way integration with ERP systems to support drop-down master data administration, invoice coding, and payment processing
Customizable, automated workflow routing to support multi-level approvals with electronic audit trail
Two-way or three-way invoice auto-match functionality
Accrual reporting and automatic aging notifications
Dashboard with online search capabilities and customizable reporting with export to Excel
Auto-population of document data from PDF files
Enhanced security features including MFA, encryption of sensitive information and role-based access control
Ability to handle multiple mailboxes, pattern matching feature to automatically identify PO based invoices and route to correct queue, vendor management with approval workflow, configurable feature to identify duplicate invoices and manage entire invoice lifecycle
Integration with Google Vision for advanced OCR

“With the rollout of ContinuFlow for carve-out services, we are able to provide our partners and customers working on short deadlines and new processes with increased speed, efficacy and support,” stated Nate Medoff, Managing Director of ContinuServe. “ContinuFlow is a testament to our dedication to continually improving our business capabilities and providing unmatched services to our customers.”

“ContinuFlow was developed from the ground up based on years of providing back-office services to our clients,” said Nitin Pai, Senior Vice President of Operations at ContinuServe. “We employed state-of-the-art design principles and technologies to create a truly scalable solution that can run on multiple private and public cloud platforms including AWS, Azure and GCP.”

For more information, please refer to the ContinuFlow Overview.

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