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Greenup Celebrates Women In Construction Week and Naiika Bass' Promotion to Industrial Division Manager

Women in construction - Greenup

Greenup offers opportunities for women to advance in construction

Naiika Bass Greenup Industries

Naiika Bass, Industrial Division Manager

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Greenup supports diversity and inclusion in its hiring practices

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Rodney Greenup, CEO

Steve Keen - Construction Manager,  Greenup Industries

Steve Keen, Construction Manager

After 4 years of excelling as Greenup's Health and Safety Manager, Bass advances her career and welcomes more women to join her in the construction industry.

I wear many hats with Greenup and I enjoy wearing all of them. I enjoy the work I do, and I especially enjoy the culture here at Greenup.”
— Naiika Bass, Industrial Division Manager
NEW ORLEANS , LA, UNITED STATES , March 9, 2021 / -- According to statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor, women comprise only 10.3 percent of construction workers. Even less is the percentage of women on the front lines of a construction job site, approximately one for every 100 employees. Greenup, a provider of construction, maintenance, and third-party procurement services, recognizes Women In Construction week by celebrating the advancement of women in the industry and the promotion of Naiika Bass as its Industrial Division Manager.

Bass was introduced to the construction industry in 2007 by her Mom, who worked as a certified pipefitter. After graduating from South University with an Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice, she pursued her Occupational Safety & Health degree from Columbia Southern University and her NCCER certification in Construction Site Safety Technician (CSST), Construction Site Safety Supervisor (CSSS), Field Safety, OSHA 30, and First Aid/C.P.R. For the next six years, she worked in the oil and gas industry as a safety professional. It was her responsibility to ensure each location was in compliance with safety rules and regulations. "When I first began working as a safety professional, it was evident that there was a lack of trust between the field workers and management. I embraced the challenge to change this culture. After developing relationships with the field workers, they soon realized I was looking after their best interests and that my main goal was to make sure they got home safely to their families," she said. In 2017, Bass joined Greenup as its Health and Safety Manager.

Greenup's CEO, Rodney Greenup, believes Bass provides a great example of how women can successfully advance to leadership positions within the construction field. "Naiika has shown her ability and initiative to address the challenges in her work. Because of her attention to detail and her tenacity in regards to following up and following through, we have earned numerous safety awards. We welcome the opportunity to promote her and trust that her career will continue to grow with us," he said.

For all the obstacles that women face in the construction field, from lack of training to gender bias, nearly one-third of companies promoted a woman to a senior position in 2018. In Bass' new role as Industrial Division Manager, her responsibility is to manage all of the Oil and Gas Industrial 3rd party vendors. "I am so grateful that Greenup gave me an opportunity to expand my career into other areas of the construction industry. I wear many hats with Greenup and I enjoy wearing all of them. I enjoy the work I do, and I especially enjoy the culture here at Greenup," she said.

As construction anticipates a rebound from the slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, hiring more women and providing them with opportunities for advancement is an optimal way for a company to expand. A recent report found that construction firms with more women in executive roles experienced higher than above-average financial performance compared to those companies that did not. When 30 percent or more of executive-level positions were filled by women, those companies experienced a 48 percent likelihood of outperforming their less-diverse competitors.

"At Greenup, we believe in hiring more women as they enhance our diversity and contribute fresh perspectives," said Steve Keen, Construction Manager. "Naiika brings a 'can do' attitude to her work and it is an inspiration to those who have the pleasure of working with her. Two of her many strong points are her enthusiasm and dedication. Greenup is fortunate to have her on our team."

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