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Kindra Beck, legislative pioneer in divorce reform joins forces with Ohio lawmakers to pass the Parenting Equality Bill

Kindra Beck is leading the charge in legislative reform for the victims of parental alienation.

Kindra Beck is joining forces with State Representative Rodney Creech asking for personal testimony from victims of parental alienation.

“There are over 22 million American adults that feel they are being alienated from their children. However, this is a global problem”.”
— Kindra Beck
DAYTON, OHIO, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 / -- KINDRA BECK is partnering with Ohio Representative Rodney Creech to make legislative changes to enforce parenting equality during and after a divorce. Beck and Creech are asking victims of parental alienation nationwide to lend their story to the fight for legislative reform. Beck, a leading expert in parental alienation and the founder of Speak Life Into Strife Podcast, mentors individuals who are fighting to see their children, false accusations, and extended periods of time that they don’t have any contact with their children. “There are over 22 million American adults that feel they are being alienated from their children. However, this is a global problem”. Beck states. They are currently compiling a database of testimonials from individuals who were intentionally targeted by systematic parental alienation during a high conflict divorce. “ We are spearheading this divorce law reform because It is hard to ignore a multitude of voices crying out for an urgent change in legislation”, Beck states.

In a recent documentary, Erasing Family, they state that Sweden discourages court and encourages the signing of a paper to give both parents equal rights. No lawyer or court is needed. As a result, 60% of Swedish families share joint physical custody. Compared to Canada where 9% of parents have shared custody and the U.S. doesn’t even keep statistics on joint custody. Divorces and custody battles is a business that drives millions of dollars into the government and attorney’s hands.

There is such a crying for help from parents across the world that a day was created to bring awareness to the community and professionals on April 25th. Children should be allowed to love and to be loved by both parents without fear or guilt and this is what Bubbles of Love Day represent. The Bubble of Love day encapsulates the spirit of doing what is best for the children during and after a divorce.

"It's something that has affected me personally and a lot of friends and family," Creech said in an interview. "It's a really hard time for the families and the kids."

Beck’s mission is born out of experience. Her family was splintered as collateral damage of a high-conflict divorce. “Navigating the legal system was like beating your head against a wall and I felt my voice was never heard. My world was turned upside down when I was forbidden to see or even talk to my children.” Beck continues, “This is a lesson I hope no one else will have to learn”.

According to a CBS interview on 48 Hours, Amy Baker, Ph.D., researcher, and author explains, “that many professionals are untrained in recognizing the signs of parental alienation, including judges. In addition to parents being hurt, the children suffer from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and shame throughout their entire life.”

Beck and Rodney are asking for testimonials to be presented at the Ohio Senate in the upcoming months. These can be video, in-person, or written. Rep. Creech said he has already begun to meet with stakeholders to discuss the issue. He believes it is one that will garner bipartisan support. If you have a story about your experience with being alienated from your children during a high-conflict please send your questions, messages, or stories directly to Kindra Beck:

Kindra Beck
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