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The Top 3 Employment Lawyers For You

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Welcome to the first of RookiePlay's Benefit Weekly Series! This week we look into our recommended Employment Lawfirms.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 9, 2021 / -- If you have experienced workplace harassment or have been unjustly terminated, one of the first steps you will need to take is to search for legal representation. However, it is critical that you find the right kind of lawyer for your case – a task that is easier said than done for sure.

What makes your search for the right kind of legal representation even more challenging is the fact that your financial security and professional pursuits are at stake. It is a decision that can have far-reaching consequences. And last but not the least, how do you find that one lawyer who is right for you among a sea of lawyers out there?

If you are looking for an attorney for a professional need, then this post is for you (or someone you know!).

Where to Look for the Right Lawyer?

Did you know that 59% of potential clients seek a referral for their lawyer? While 57% of people do a personal search, a substantial number of potential clients conduct an online search when looking up legal representation (source:

Referrals are a leading source of finding legal representation in a majority of cases. The legal industry relies heavily on client trust – and so it makes sense that people would want a lawyer who comes with personal recommendations.

It is Important to be Prepared

Economic factors have led to layoffs and job cuts across industries. However, the pandemic has only worsened the situation. Massive layoffs have begun with leading names such as Bank of America and Citigroup have already announced plans to lay off hundreds and thousands of employees because of COVID, higher taxes, and other economic factors.

So, you definitely want to be prepared for what could be inevitable.

Top 3 Employment Law Firms Recommended by Rookieplay Employment Experts

It is important that you hire someone who knows their job – whether it involves reviewing the fine print of your severance deal or identifying discrimination cases. To help you in your search for the right legal representation for your case, here are our top three legal practice recommendations:

Ogletree Deakins
McGuinn, Hillsman & Palefsky
Robert J. Reicher

Have a Contingency Plan

Layoffs are inevitable – sometimes it can be a matter a time. And people who were laid-off feel that in hindsight, it would have been better if they had anticipated their job loss. So, we urge you to start your search now and not wait until it’s too late!

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