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On Wednesday March 3rd at 6 pm let's stand up for small businesses by uniting at the Boss Supplements Orillia in the Xchange plaza at 20 Diana Drive in Orillia.

ORILLIA, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 2, 2021 / -- On March 1st, the Ontario Government returned the Region of Simcoe-Muskoka to grey zone lockdown, totally closing small businesses for personal care and physical fitness centres.

On the first day of this new lockdown, a representative for the Ontario Ministry of Health visited several local small businesses in Westridge, including BOSS Supplements Orillia and HQ Fit Studio, to check on compliance to the regulations. The representative verified the Safety Plan and various other forms. The representative advised Boss Supplements Orillia to change the sign at the front door to limit the occupancy to 9 instead of 10 and to also post a Covid-19 self screening form. There were no other issues with compliance.

In accordance with the regulations, Boss Supplements Orillia (small retail establishment) is allowed to remain open at 25% of its capacity while HQ Fit Studio (a 1 on 1 personal training) was mandated to shut down despite adherence to all prior COVID-19 business restrictions and a rigorous cleaning and sanitizing procedure.

The Simcoe-Muskoka communities are mobilizing in their support of small businesses. In Orillia, what can we do to STAND UP for small businesses?

We are not the type to insist on protesting publicly, but feel that something must be done. In addition. we are not Anti-Maskers or Anti-Covid people. We fully understand that COVID-19 is a very real health and safety risk, it is simply our contention that small businesses, specifically those that are being targeted by this latest round of shut downs, are not the main driver in COVID-19 cases. To that end, we want to show small business support and help get their voices heard.

While sharing posts on Facebook and Instagram provide support, they are easy for elected officials to ignore. Instead of liking and supporting the various posts, in order to make an effective change we need to do more. Let's show our support in person.

On Wednesday March 3rd at 6 pm let's stand up for small businesses by uniting at the Boss Supplements Orillia in the Xchange plaza at 20 Diana Drive in Orillia.

Why 6 pm on Wednesday night. Well Georgian Dental Orillia is the only other business that shares a parking lot of the area and they close at 5 pm on Wednesdays, so this time will ensure that we are not disrupting any business preceding in the area. The large parking area in front of these 3 businesses can be used to ensure pedestrian safety and a 6 foot distance can be maintained safely if the supporters come in great numbers. Please ensure that you wear a mask at all times and follow the social distancing protocols. As previously mentioned, this is not an Anti-Mask demonstration or anything along those lines, it is to show support and solidarity with our local business owners and show that they can operate safely with proper COVID-19 safety measures.

This is not a protest, and it is not against the rules of having a maximum of 10 people in an outdoor gathering. This is like any other retail or big box store where once the capacity is met then people line up and wait their turn until the occupancy limit permits them entry.

If possible, we are requesting that if you are coming that you park in the other various lots within the Xchange plaza. The Daycare is closed in the evening and the majority of other businesses are restaurants that are only open to provide takeout services.

Community members will be in the parking lot ensuring that 6 foot distancing is maintained between supporters. In order to try and show a strong support for any press photographers that may be on site we want as many people as possible in the parking lot at 6 pm.

We have spoken with the owners of Boss Supplements Orillia, and they have agreed to be closed between 530pm and 615 pm to prepare. At 615 pm the Boss Supplements Orillia store will reopen, with the limit of 6 customers being allowed in at a time. The owners agreed to host this event under the conditions that any participants must be respectful to the COVID-19 laws, wear their masks at all times, and maintain social distancing. Just in case any enforcement officials attempt to enforce that the occupancy as being 9 occupants including all employees inside the store. We want this initiative to follow all of the imposed rules.

This is not about Boss Supplements Orillia and HQ Fit Studio this is about small businesses. When your turn comes you do not have to enter the store, nor do you have to purchase any products from the store, you may leave the area proud that you have shown support for your small businesses.

Please do not bring any signs as this is not a protest this is a silent STAND UP and show support for your area small businesses.

Gilles Depratto
Stand Up for Orillia
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