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Elderly dad and son standing in front of open storage unit, and dad explaining to son proudly that someday it would all be his and his sister's.

One day son, this will all be yours and your sister's! (overflowing storage unit)

Elderly woman sitting in the middle of overflowing room of stuff, caption reads :Essentials on the left, must haves on the right.

Hoarding filled room; essentials on left and must haves on right.

Scenes of heirs fighting over jewelry and other things, while parents in heaven look down aghast.

Parents in heaven shocked at heirs' behavior over personal property division.

A fragmented industry in need of art for websites, presentations and marketing materials now has a new resource, royalty-free.

Providing this art library matches our goal of having be known as a problem solver and supportive resource in the industry.”
— David MacMahan
CAMARILLO, CA, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2021 / --, the online estate settlement company, spent over ten years frustrated with the results of searches for royalty free art related to estates, moving, downsizing, and inheritance for use in flyers, blog posts, videos, presentations or on their website. They concluded their industry is made up of many small companies, with small budgets, that must clearly be having the same challenges of finding relevant, usable art.

David MacMahan, CEO of, always excited to tackle a problem, found an artist that was creative and fast at creating illustrations he needed for various topics. Some images had been created for blog posts, videos, presentation decks, etc. that would have relevance for many others. He commissioned him to create additional illustrations others may want to use. Providing this collection of royalty free art to the industry lined up well with FairSplit’s business model of providing online estate listing and sharing tools, also free to the industry and public.

Over the years, David had subscribed to some of the large photo and illustration libraries to have access to images needed. One got him hooked into an unsuspecting long-term contract that kicked in after ninety days of free use. For an entrepreneur on a tight budget, that was simply wasted money, and felt deceptive.
The bigger issue was that one could search for hours on those sights and still only find marginally suitable images or illustrations, and most were dated looking. If usable art was found, it was hard to ascertain what constituted full unlimited use for one’s website, marketing materials, videos, etc.

A light bulb went off for the founder while photographing his own images for a video they were creating: “Why not make these photos and our illustrations available to our industry peers?” David added: “Providing this art library matches our goal of having be known as a problem solver and supportive resource in the industry.”

FairSplit partners with groups like NASMM, National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers, that has over a thousand independent members, each with their own websites, marketing flyer needs, etc. NASMM works with people downsizing, moving and clearing estates in markets all over the US, Canada and some overseas. There are also thousands of small law firms, estate planners, realtors and appraisers starting to use the FairSplit online tools or referring to their clients, so providing a royalty free library of useful art made sense.

Jennifer Picket, Associate Executive Director of NASMM says: “David is always looking for new ways to help our members through his understanding of our industry. I am sure many will be happy to learn of this new resource for royalty-free images they can use, and some of the illustrations are just spot-on what we see every day in our work.”

So, while the big image libraries will have their place, at least now there is a royalty-free resource, for anything to do with estates, inheritance, moving, storage, etc.

David MacMahan is an entrepreneur in Southern California. was founded in 2010 to help with peacefully dividing the personal property of estates, in death, divorce or downsizing. Additionally, they offer conflict resolution, mediation, listing, valuing and administrative services.

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