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Jombone transforms hourly wage hiring

Sumit Sahdev, Co-founder & CEO, Jombone Inc.

Sumit Sahdev, Co-founder & CEO, Jombone Inc.

Toronto-based startup links hourly wage workers directly to local businesses

Jombone is on a mission to bring enterprise-class human capital and workforce management software capabilities to businesses of all sizes, around the world,”
— Sumit Sahdev, Co-founder & CEO, Jombone Inc.
TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 2, 2021 / -- Introduced as the ultimate platform to connect with hourly wage workers in their communities, Jombone helps small to medium-sized businesses attract and network with pre-screened candidates while avoiding high acquisition and staffing costs.

“Jombone is on a mission to bring enterprise-class human capital and workforce management software capabilities to businesses of all sizes, around the world,” according to its CEO, Sumit Sahdev, who co-founded the company in 2018 with COO Garima Sahdev and CTO Amit Arora.

The platform helps businesses enhance the power of their hiring brands in local communities,” he added. “Currently, there is no easy way for small and medium-sized businesses to effectively hire and manage hourly employees without paying high costs to staffing agencies. Jombone is a disruptive technology that provides a totally new human resources administration tool to business owners.”

Not only does Jombone eliminate the recruitment overhead in hourly wage hiring but it also provides end-to-end automation and complete self-service tools to manage hiring and staffing processes, including:
- A talent acquisition instrument that taps into local communities of hourly wage employees,
- End-to-end human resources administration, and
- Workforce management, Shifts scheduling, and Payroll

The best candidates may be workers who do not know how to create a resume that matches the posting and highlights their skills and experience. Recruitment sites that rely solely on resumes uploaded by the workers themselves are not generally designed for companies where there is high turnover. Such companies do not have the time or staff to vet candidates extensively, and their continual need to recruit can result in hiring fatigue.

A unique business model
Jombone’s Community Recruitment Module is run by gig workers who specialize in administering human resources programs for specific industrial segments. These recruiters leverage social networking to create flexible pools of fully screened and dependable candidates. This unique model combines the latest technology with the recruiters’ many years of experience to enable Jombone clients to manage their entire human resources process at a fraction of the cost they would incur or pay a staffing agency.

Uniquely positioned for hyper-growth
With unemployment rates at record levels because of COVID-19, workers have been forced to upgrade their online skills to search for their next job. They are comfortable using the Jombone mobile apps because its technology and services are always evolving to meet their needs, help them learn new skills, and keep them informed of opportunities in their communities. At the same time, employers are finding that using the platform to eliminate overhead in hiring and staffing is an effective strategy to reduce expenses and conserve operating capital. Both these factors are positioning Jombone for exceptional growth.

A promising start
With advisory services and R&D funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), Mitacs, the Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI) and revenues generated from pre-launch operations, the MaRS Discovery District startup launched its commercial SaaS offering across Canada in December and already has clients in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

So far, in its first year, it has attracted more than 80,000 users, has generated revenue of more than $500,000 and has established research and development alliances with Dr. Eric Yu at University of Toronto on the application of human-centered issues in the field of AI-Machine Learning, and Dr. Henry Kim, of the Blockchain Lab at York University for the application of Quantum Ledger in HR and Payroll systems. Recently, with the help of the Next Generation Network Program delivered by the Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks and OCI, the Jombone platform has been tested to support more than one million commercial users. To learn more visit or email


About: Established in 2018 in Toronto, Canada, is a disruptive SaaS technology that empowers small to medium-sized businesses to manage their hiring and staffing processes independently, and to network with local, employment-ready, temporary, contingent, and on-demand workers in the industrial sector. For more information, visit

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