Artificial Intelligence – Is It Just a Load of Hot AIr?

Fraud chief investigates if AI in the language industry is driving digital transformation or still in the stone age

Companies on the digital transformation journey will find the powerful algorithms in Guildhawk Aided machine translation solution extremely helpful”
— David Clarke, Head of Multilingual Due Diligence Services, Guildhawk
LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 28, 2021 / -- From the factory floor to the C-suite, over the last year, the subject of Artificial Intelligence for Digital transformation (AI for DX) has seemed completely inescapable along with the global response to the COVID 19 pandemic that is. The language and technology sector is certainly no exception to the AI digital transformation trend, with new AI platforms, products and all-encompassing “solutions” popping up and promising to totally change the game. It seems AI is the great saviour of the modern business – the answer to all of the current market’s needs in terms of cost efficiencies, time savings, and everyone’s New Year’s resolution to “work smarter”.

But how good is AI in the translation industry? Can translation software really drive digital transformation, especially in those industries very much stapled to the paper rich analogue world?

Former police fraud squad chief and Guildhawk director of Integrity Services David Clarke did some investing and found that, if you scratch beneath the surface, you don’t need to be an expert to see there’s often not much substance to what is being offered. The “game-changing” AI platform turns out to be a futuristic interface plastered on top of a traditional service; the AI’s “efficiencies” actually come from linguists being paid a pittance for higher-volume, lower-quality work, and so on.

However, he also found lots of clues and evidence of new software technology that is changing the rules of the translation game and being used to help companies in a range of industry sectors to transform and best of all, win new business deals.

Guildhawk is a privately held, woman owned technology and language business established in 2001 by entrepreneur Jurga Zilinskiene MBE and has become a world leader in the sector. The company pioneered Guidlhawk Aided an AI powered machine translation tool that produces exceptional quality results. The software was released to customers during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Guildhawk Director David Clarke interviewed on BBC Television news