EnergySmart Institute Wins Online Energy Training Awards for Second Straight Year

Sharla RESNET 2019-2020 Awards Photo

Sharla RESNET 2019-2020 Awards

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EnergySmart Institute Logo with Text

Sharla Holding RESNET Awards

Sharla Holding RESNET Awards

EnergySmart Institute Wins Online Training Awards for Second Year in a Row

EnergySmart Institute is proud and happy to provide quality content for our students.”
— Sharla Riead, Winning Energy Instructor
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, USA, March 2, 2021 / -- RESNET, the Residential Energy Services Network, has chosen EnergySmart Institute for the second year in a row as a winner in their annual video competition. The winning video for 2020 was in the category, "Why you should get your home HERS Rated". The name of the winning video is: "Do you need a HERS rating?"

Sharla Riead, Lead Instructor at EnergySmart Institute wrote, developed, and provides the voice-over for the video. The award was granted during the 2021 RESNET Annual conference.

The challenge for this video was to describe in two minutes what a HERS Rating entails and why a potential homeowner needs a HERS Rated home. HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System and a HERS Rating is performed by a certified energy professional called a HERS Rater.

The HERS Rater performs verification and testing of the energy aspects of a home and provides clients with estimated utility costs and estimated savings available through efficiency and renewable energy. The information provided explains how well the house performs compared to codes and compared to other houses. HERS Ratings have been called the "Miles per Gallon" sticker for a house.

EnergySmart Institute provides training for HERS Rater Candidates and for anyone wanting to learn more about energy efficiency, health, safety, and durability of homes.

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Do You Need a HERS Rating?