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R3 Stem Cell Wins 2021 Most Outstanding Regenerative Medicine Company Award

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Most Outstanding Regenerative Company 2021

Coming off an Award filled 2020, R3 Stem Cell has now won the Most Outstanding Regenerative Medicine Company Award for 2021.

As we've grown over the past 10 years, our main priority has been the safety of the biologics. With our patient satisfaction remaining at 85% consistently, I'm very proud of that track record!”
— CEO David Greene, MD, MBA

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA, February 26, 2021 / -- R3 Stem Cell announced it has won the 2021 Most Outstanding Regenerative Medicine Company Award from Corporate Vision. As a long standing trusted USA and international provider of regenerative therapies, the company consistently maintains high patient satisfaction and an unparalleled safety record.

With over 16,000 procedures performed worldwide in the past decade, R3 Stem Cell has become the worldwide leader in stem cell and exosome therapies. R3 International offers stem cell treatments for autism, MS, ALS, diabetes, stroke, kidney/heart/liver failure, Lyme, dementia and more.

According to Dr. David Greene R3 Stem Cell CEO, "As we've grown over the past 10 years, our main priority has been the safety of the biologics. The quality assurance of the stem cell and exosome biologics has been paramount, and as a result we've never had a significant adverse event!"

R3 Stem Cell offers over 35 Centers of Excellence in the USA, and currently has six International Centers in Mexico, Pakistan and Honduras. More countries are in the works. Internationally, the regenerative treatments are offered by either injection, intravenous, intrathecal, nebulizer, intramuscular, intralymphatic or intranasal. Over twenty protocols are offered, depending on the particular patient's condition and severity.

How many stem cells and exosomes a particular patient receives depends also on a patient's condition and its severity. It ranges from 30 million cells, upwards to a billion.

R3 Stem Cell Dr. David Greene added, "Hearing patients rave about how well they are doing after procedures and also complimenting our staff is so gratifying to our team. A lot of our patients come from referrals now, which is directly attributed to the quality of care!"

A few years ago, the R3 Heroes Program was started. The program offers free regenerative therapies to military veterans who are nominated by either themselves, friends or family. The ailments do not need to be service related. To date, over 100 Heroes have been treated in the program.

For anyone interested in seeing whether or not he or she is a candidate for regenerative therapy, simply call (844) GET-STEM to get set up with a free phone consultation.

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R3 Stem Cell
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