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Psyntax Launches “WhatIfStocks” to Teach Users to Navigate the Stock Market and Learn Historical Market Trends

USA, February 23, 2021 / -- The unfortunate question that virtually every day trader asks themself whenever a new stock blows up is how they would have fared if they had invested at the right time. Psyntax designed a mobile app to answer this question, aptly titled “WhatIfStocks.”

WhatIfStocks allows users to check how much money they could have made or lost by searching for any Nasdaq listed stock and checking its performance from the time of its IPO. Users can learn about historical market trends, making learning the ropes of investing easier and more accessible.

WhatIfStocks recognizes that not every investment is a good one. The app also allows users to see how much money they would have saved by not investing in certain companies. In an era where meme stocks dominate the news cycle, it is important for people to learn to weed out stocks that will likely not succeed and identify ones that might.

With so many people getting into investing in the stock market thanks to Apps like Robinhood, WhatIfStocks offers users the ability to think through their future investing moves by reflecting on hypothetical past moves.

WhatIfStocks is available for download in the GooglePlay Store. To learn more about Psyntax, please visit their Instagram page.

About Psyntax
Psyntax is a mobile application developer that sees apps as a vehicle to make people’s lives easier. WhatIfStocks is the second app developed by Psyntax, following Coopons, a mobile app that allows users to send personalized virtual IOUs to their friends in the form of “coopons.” Psyntax is continually looking to the future and is currently developing new and innovative apps.

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