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Applications Now Being Accepted for Wichita Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The Wichita Emergency Rental Assistance Program began accepting applications on Monday, February 22, 2021.

The program can provide rent and utilities assistance to households that have experienced a negative financial impact related to COVID-19. 

Information about the program can be found on our website at as well as on the attached flyer. 

If a landlord is interested in starting the process on behalf of eligible tenants they need only email us at and provide their contact information as well as the contact information for any eligible residents.  Staff will reach out the identified residents to get them started in the application process. 

​To be eligible for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP):

  1. The household must have an income below 80% AMI. Households with an income of less than 50% AMI or households who were employed in 2020 but have been unemployed for the 90 days prior to application will be served first.
  2. The family must have past due rent and/or utilities and must have received an eviction notice or demand for payment.
  3. The family must have a COVID-19 related economic impact such as loss of job, reduced hours, reduced tips, or increased childcare or medical expenses.

Dependent on funding availability, the program can provide funding for:

  1. Past due rent & utilities
  2. Future rent & utilities in three month increments with recertification of eligibility every 90 days
  3. A total of 12 months of assistance (past due & future payments combined)

While waiting for the program to come online households should gather the following required documentation:

  1. Copy of the lease
  2. Copy of the eviction notice or demands for payment
  3. Documentation of income (check stubs, unemployment statement, child support printout, W2s and 1099s from 2020 etc)
  4. Contact information for the landlord
  5. Documentation of the COVID-19 related economic impact (unemployment statement, termination letter, letter from employer regarding reduced hours, sufficient check stubs to document reduced hours, remote school documentation coupled with childcare statement, medical bills for COVID-19 related illness etc)
​Income Limit Category ​1 ​2 ​3 4 ​5 ​6 ​7 ​8
​Very Low 50% AMI  ​$25,450  ​$29,050 ​ $32,700  ​$36,300  ​$39,250 ​ $42,150 ​ $45,050 ​$47,950
​Low Income 80% AMI  ​$40,700 ​ $46,500 ​ $52,300 ​ $58,100 ​ $62,750 ​ $67,400 ​ $72,050 ​ $76,700