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eCommerce Branding Expert Launches Book, “Checkout: The Step-by-Step, 7C Method to Build a Dominant eCommerce Brand”

Highlights the online eCommerce branding process for digital-first entrepreneurs

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 18, 2021 / -- Neil Verma, Founder and CEO of eBrandBuilders, leader in transforming product-based success into a brand-based entity and former corporate brand executive and eCommerce entrepreneur, today announces the availability of his first book, “Checkout: The Step-by-Step, 7C Method to Build a Dominant eCommerce Brand”. The book takes a deep dive into how the eCommerce COVID-19 boom isn’t what it seems and encourages digital-first entrepreneurs to lead with a brand-first approach.

According to IBM’s U.S. Retail Index report, eCommerce sales grew by 25 percent in the second quarter of 2020, which accelerated eCommerce adoption by five years. Furthermore, eCommerce trends highlight a shift from digital marketing to focus on the human element of branding.

“eCommerce entrepreneurs are faced with high levels of competition, those who focus on building the brand and investing in an omnichannel strategy will stay relevant through the eCommerce boom,” stated Mr. Verma. “Consumers buy for the same reasons, whether online or offline, but eCommerce has profoundly changed buying behaviors along with typical buyer's journeys. With the economic disruption from social distancing, more demographics are shifting to online shopping, and it's accelerating eCommerce's evolution exponentially.

Consumers expect a seamless experience that reflects their values and offers more than a transaction. To achieve this, what you need today is an approach that marries the customer insights and the strategic direction of branding with the tools of eCommerce. After every category has been disrupted and saturated with Direct-to-Consumer offers, building a strong brand is quickly becoming the only way to differentiate your business among competitors,” continued Mr. Verma.

In the book, “Checkout: The eCommerce Branding Book”, Mr. Verma introduces the 7C Method, an end-to-end brand strategy designed specifically for eCommerce. The strategy was developed by researching and analyzing the top 100 eCommerce brands blended with blue-chip brand secrets. The 7C's aren't another growth hack, they are a holistic brand strategy that eliminates guesswork, optimizes resources, and gives you back your time. “Checkout” transforms branding myths into a practical eCommerce business strategy. For more information or to get a sneak peek of “Checkout”, please visit

About Neil Verma
In his first book, “Checkout”, Neil Verma, Founder and CEO of eBrandBuilders, provides an easy to follow, step-by-step branding process designed exclusively for eCommerce. Mr. Verma teaches that branding is simply the only competitive moat you can build today, and while digital marketing is an important part of this larger strategy, continuing to rely on it alone will only leave you trapped in the feast-or-famine cycle. The book analyzed top eCommerce companies to identify successful online branding strategies. Mr. Verma has applied the 7C Method to help dozens of eCommerce businesses grow from thousands to millions in revenue a year. For more information on eBrandBuilders, please visit:

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