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Bypass Myanmar’s Internet Shutdown by Downloading a Free VPN

The junta that's taken over Myanmar in a coup has announced another nationwide internet shutdown after protesters continued to share anti-military posts online.

MYANMAR, February 18, 2021 / -- Onto the latest news on the Myanmar coup, the officials have now mandated a third internet shutdown in roughly two weeks. Citizens are again banned from accessing popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which were the only tool they had to communicate with each other and stay updated with the current news and affairs.

In another effort to restrain the flow of information, the ruling military junta is also crafting legislation that allows the authority to take control of everything that is shared online. This makes it easier and legal for military leaders to access users’ personal information, block certain websites that oppose the military, and imprison online critics without a warrant. Human rights activists are issuing dissent over this matter, saying that the move will violate the digital rights of the citizens and will cause unfair treatment.

VPN Downloads Skyrocket in Wake of the Military Coup

To prevent these attacks, citizens seemed to have taken matters into their own hands. According to a UK-based study, the demand for a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) service in Myanmar surged by over 7,000% on the first day of the military coup. This is a great boost in the statistics as more VPN downloads mean that more and more people are becoming proactive when it comes to protecting their digital rights. Additionally, more VPN users mean a wider proliferation of useful information across the borders.

With a VPN, citizens are able to bypass even the toughest and strictest government-imposed ban. How, you might ask? By creating a tunnel right between the VPN-secured mobile device and the remote server, the user will be able to go through the firewall and access banned websites and applications, without alarming anyone—not even the government or their own Internet Service Providers. Moreover, since everything that is sent over the internet goes through the process of encryption and decryption before reaching its original destination, it makes it hard for a third-party agent to intervene with the connection. A VPN makes a user’s online data inaccessible for someone else to monitor and manipulate.

A good number of quality VPN services are available online. You can try and download a free VPN like GoingVPN to get you going. It offers a safe and free connection to help you bypass Myanmar's ongoing internet blockage and stay updated with the country's current affairs. To learn more, visit their website.
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