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Five Ways To Motivate Owners To Sell Their Property

SAVANNAH, GA, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2021 / -- House hunting for your next dream home or real estate investment can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. And after searching endlessly, once you find that hidden gem, you know you have to jump at it and put in an offer. But what if you find yourself dealing with an owner who is just not feeling your first, second, or even third offer?

Surprisingly, most sellers need a lot of convincing before they accept a final offer. It’s a constant struggle, but Georgia-based real estate developer, Charlton Claxton, has some ideas on how you can encourage owners to at least entertain your offers.

1. Continue Hunting
Keep searching and reaching out to other properties to increase your chances of closing on a deal. Cast your net wide by contacting two or more property owners each day, making offers, and staying consistent in your communication. Consistency = increased network and an accepted offer (or at least a counteroffer). The more sellers you pitch to, the better your likelihood of sealing the deal!

2. Sweeten the Pot
Money talks, and any owner won’t be able to resist a really good offer. Sellers want to see honesty and know that you are serious when making a formal offer. Including your well-written reason for wanting to purchase the property, how you plan to finance it, your overall budget, and even your willingness to pay in cash could be the icing on the cake for the owner and the foot in the door you needed all along.

3. Inspect First
Check out the property in person before making an offer. Be sure to point out what needs to be fixed or replaced, but don’t downplay the positive features of the property either. This way, you can say how much you would be willing to pay without offending the seller. Don’t forget to ask the owner about the property’s history as a way to express your serious interest and show him or her that you are just the right buyer they’ve been waiting for.

4. Timing is Everything
In reference to the first strategy, “Continue Hunting,” you should provide a limited window of time for each owner to respond to your offers. Stick to the notion of consistency. Don’t waste your time on someone who is clearly not interested in selling his or her property. Give each offer 24 to 48 hours for a response. Hopefully, it will be an acceptance or counteroffer. If either are the case, you must follow up promptly or else move on.

5. Get the Agents on Your Side
Befriending a network of real estate agents in your desired area of purchase can be key. Agents deal with the property owners directly, so they are the gatekeeper you need to align yourself with. Also, letting them know that you can compensate them fairly if they help you close a deal can’t hurt.

Final Thoughts
Sometimes you have to sell a seller on you as the buyer. It can be difficult to motivate them, but with any or combination of the strategies above, Claxton is confident that any prospective homebuyer or investor will be successful. Stick to your timeline and strategy, and don’t wait too long and miss out on other opportunities to buy!

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