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Omvits Helps Meet the World’s Increasing Demand for Omega-3 in a Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Way

Omvits premium Omega-3

Omvits supports your health and protects the planet with clean, sustainable and ethical algae-based Omega-3

Overfishing is damaging our planet, but Omvits is on a mission to protect it and support your health with clean, sustainable and ethical algae-based Omega-3

As consumers, we have the power to shape our world and make it better by choosing brands that are ethical and respect nature.”
— Shameek Upadhya, co-founder of Omvits

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 16, 2021 / -- The planet needs help now more than ever. But Omvits, the British nutrition brand, is officially on a mission to create sustainable and cruelty-free products, vitamins and minerals that really do make a difference, for people who care about the environment. With veganism and the need for plant-based alternatives booming around the world, and the repercussions of pollution and overfishing on marine life, Omvits offers a solution that helps people be healthy, protect Earth and support underprivileged children. Omvits supplies vegan Omega-3, vitamins and multivitamins for the ethical and conscious consumer, that are sustainably-sourced and ocean friendly. The brand fills the gaps in plant-based nutrition and helps protect ocean ecosystems, starting with premium Omega-3 soft gel capsules packed with algae oils that provide all the benefits of Omega-3 of fish oil, without the fish.

Omvits is all about action, and helping you stay healthy without damaging the planet. And this starts with preserving the oceans. Over 70% of the Earth is covered by water, with algae creating half of the oxygen we breathe, so we crucially need marine life to be healthy to sustain life anywhere. But oceans are still largely unprotected throughout the world, with only about 1.5% of oceans declared protected areas. Overfishing in particular is silently damaging our planet, which has detrimental effects on marine ecosystems, threatening the future of both oceans and humans.

Here are the hard facts: Overfishing is responsible for the decline in ocean wildlife populations. It removes essential predators and impacts the food chain, with potentially fatal effects for ocean ecosystems. Today, a third of the world's fisheries are pushed beyond their biological limits, a catastrophe waiting to happen. The fishing industry is responsible for bycatch, the capture of unwanted sea life while fishing - this includes whales, dolphins, turtles and many more species. It also depletes vital fish populations which in turn threaten the livelihood of billions of people. Overfishing causes a rise of endangered species, and the lack of structure or scientific knowledge prevents fixing this ecological imbalance. Meanwhile, the world's population keeps growing, and so is the global consumption of fish and Omega-3, which comes from the marine algae that fish eat. So where do we go from there?

This is where Omvits comes in, with algae that will help meet the world’s increasing demand for Omega-3, in a sustainable and cruelty-free way. Omvits capsules are the ideal alternative to traditional fish oil - with the same great health benefits as fish oil, just without the fish (and bycatch!).

Omvits believes that most of our nutrients should come from our food, but is here to make nutrition simple, with sustainably-sourced vegan products that contain nutrients in their most effective and bioavailable form. Indeed the human body doesn’t naturally make Omega-3. It can only be found in certain foods, with algae being the original and natural source of all marine Omega-3. Omega-3 also has some serious health benefits, supporting a healthy heart, brain and eyes. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends that pregnant women take Omega-3 during their pregnancy and while breast-feeding to support the development of their growing baby. Omvits algae is sustainably produced so it doesn’t damage the oceans like fish oil. It is grown in controlled conditions, so Omvits products have no exposure to heavy metals, pollutants or microplastics. Omvits Omega-3 soft gel capsules are 100% cruelty-free, and more effective than eating nuts and seeds, supporting heart function, brain function, normal vision, and fetal development.

Omvits has been making waves since 2017. The company was founded by Shameek Upadhya, Shaunak Upadhya and Kevin Purohit to make it possible to live a healthy life and protect our planet. Omvits follows 6 Guiding Principles, which are at the heart of every business decision, from considering a product to choosing ingredients or meeting a supplier: No animal products, making products that are safe for their own families to consume, taking the environment seriously, keeping prices fair, treating people with respect, and contributing to what the team cares about.

“We’re on a mission to create sustainable and cruelty-free Omega-3 from algae that will protect our planet for future generations” says Shameek Upadhya, co-founder of Omvits. “As consumers, we have the power to shape our world and make it better by choosing brands that are ethical and respect nature.”
Omvits currently retails premium Omega-3 DHA, Omega-3+ (DHA+EPA), Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3 and a Multivitamins, which are packaged in fully recyclable PET plastic bottles, foil refill pouches (which contain 75% less plastic than a bottle) and biodegradable cane fibre labels. The brand has made a significant investment to create a new line of 100% plastic-free packaging which will launch in Spring 2021.

Omvits proudly supports Vitamin Angels, a charity that helps at-risk populations gain access to life-saving and life-changing vitamins and minerals, with the goal to provide an annual dose of vitamin A to at least 12,000 children in 2020. The company has supported 23,000 underprivileged children since 2017, with plans to make an even bigger impact this year.

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About Omvits
Omvits is a UK-based vitamin and nutrition company dedicated to using clean, ethical and innovative ingredients to create health products that help people to stay healthy and protect the planet. Omvits believes that most of our nutrients should come from food, but is here to fill in the gaps with sustainably-sourced vegan products containing nutrients in their most effective and bioavailable form, all packaged in thoughtfully considered materials. For more information about Omvits and to discover the line of sustainable Omega-3+, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3 and Multivitamins, please visit

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