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Guarantee Online Safety in Myanmar with the Best VPN Service

NEW DELHI, INDIA, February 14, 2021 / -- The internet protocols in Myanmar got stricter as the ongoing military coup conferred more perilous protocols to its citizens. The government banned social media sites like Facebook. Instagram, and WhatsApp. This move is crucial as these three apps are considered as significant means of communication for the citizens of Myanmar.

With the terrible situation of Myanmar, one can only wish for better things to happen. Good thing, technology is constantly adapting to human society; and one of the great inventions of modern technology is the Virtual Private Network or the VPN.

By connecting to a VPN, one can guarantee his online safety and privacy. For starters, a VPN is a tool that is designed to establish a secure connection to one’s device and the internet. Because of this, the data traffic of a user is encrypted via a virtual tunnel made by the VPN tool.

The VPN tool hides the user’s real IP address and replaces it with a curated one. So, even when someone sees an activity or data traffic, these third parties (e.g., websites, cyberhackers, internet providers, the government) would not be able to know who that is, as in the first place, the visible IP address is not the real IP address of the user. In other words, the user that is connected to a VPN is anonymous while browsing.

Choosing the Right VPN

There are several VPNs available in the virtual market and one can get overwhelmed with the options. It is vital that one must research first about the VPN tool that he wants to install.

Finding the best VPN can get tricky especially if one has no idea on how a VPN works. A good VPN must have unlimited data for the users to browse the internet anytime. It is also important for a VPN tool to have a tight encryption so that their online privacy is assured. It is a bonus if the VPN is free.

Free VPNs sounds like a great idea, but one must be extra careful in installing these as some of the free VPNs keep track of the users’ online activities and sell it to the highest bidder. But some free VPNs guarantee a hundred percent of confidentiality, just like this free VPN.

Key Takeaway

The situation in Myanmar is appalling as its citizens are pleading for things to get back to normal. As technology is ever developing, freedom of speech and expression should also be ever forward, and not the other way around.
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