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HoduSoft announced HoduPBX - Multi Tenant IP PBX Software’s new module ‘SIP Trunking’ for Businesses

HoduSoft, a well-known VoIP software provider has announced the SIP Trunking module to its award winning product HoduPBX- IP PBX Software.

AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA, February 10, 2021 / -- Available as an add-on module to HoduPBX- Multi Tenant IP PBX Software, SIP Trunking can be added as a service like various other services available in the software. SIP Trunking can be defined as a way of operating phone systems over the Internet, instead of using a traditional phone line. With the use of the SIP Trunking module, businesses or individuals can make or receive calls from different clients or devices, all of which share the same dedicated internet communication channel, called as-the Trunk, and use the same protocol called as SIP to connect, maintain and disconnect calls.

When asked about the details, Mr Bharat Lalcheta, Co-Founder & CTO said, “SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is a standard that describes how phone systems can set up calls, maintain the connection between phone systems so that voice and data can be transmitted when a call is active, and terminate the connection when the call is over. We are happy to announce this new module into the PBX system. Businesses can get an easy way to connect their existing telephone systems to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) by using SIP trunks to place or receive calls over the internet.”

Mr Lalcheta further added, “The admin will have the right whether to provide trunk service to the tenant or not. Admin can also set the inbound and outbound trunk rate plan or create a bundle plan. SIP trunk feature allows users to easily add channels without the need of additional hardware. You just need to login, click a few buttons and additional SIP trunks can easily and quickly be added to an existing phone system. Using this SIP Trunk feature, tenants can receive incoming calls same as through DID number, which means they can map incoming calls against specific service for further routing.”
Some of the key benefits of SIP trunking include:

Scalability: Since SIP trunk is implemented entirely in software, it offers easy scalability. It means, more channels can be added, or switching to unlimited metered capacity can be done more easily.

Easy Expansion: SIP trunking allows businesses to expand their voice communications throughout the world far more easily than traditional business telephone systems.

Cost-effective: As there is no requirement to maintain large-scale infrastructure, the operating costs are far smaller. SIP trunking customers can also take advantage of the technology’s internet-centric nature to save on long-distance and international calls, by implementing smart call routing.
Configurability: With SIP Trunking, users can enjoy unparalleled control over every aspect of their communications. Here are some of the configuration capabilities that SIP trunking provide:

- Add or remove call capacity
- Set up call forwarding between numbers
- Intelligently route calls to different employees, departments, or even offices
- Monitor call volumes and traffic in real-time
- Configure calling extensions across their organizations
- Enable or disable calling to certain destinations based on location or price
- Enable or disable recording of call audio

Call Data Records: SIP Trunk feature makes call data records available in real-time and makes it easy for users to review call history. This further helps users to understand their communication requirements and provide insight into business activities.
Caller ID: SIP trunking customers can set inbound Caller ID as well as customizable outbound Caller ID. It lets them set the individual or business name.

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