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Self Representing Nova Scotia French Acadian Artists Moves to NFT Blockchain deployment of their Digital Design Artworks

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Crypto Blockchain Digital Art Paradigm shift is changing the face of the conventional art gallery and artist representation relationships; never to be the same.

Art is anything you can get away with.”
— Andy Warhol
ST BERNARD, NS, CANADA, February 14, 2021 / -- While a lot of crypto news and activity today; is merely about currency speculation, the NFT art market is independent and real.
Growth of the user generated NFT user generated content is up 20X.

The number of Digital Art galleries has grown 500% from 1300 to close to 9000 so far this year of 2021.
Major auction houses are not blind to the trend and are setting records of their own.

It is literally the birth of a new art industry that is showing the long established Patron”Clique” model.

These days self representing artist now have control of their careers and futures.

Artist are now capable of generating their own provenance “Clout” on their Intellectual property qubit quantum style.

Meaning “influence” like never before; in a market that has future world written all over it.

For people with traditional taste they at times find these new NFT’s tacky due to the cartoon character like images, inspired buy video games or fantasy movies. Hence the entirely new audience of buyers attached to it.

Nova Scotia French Acadian artist Claude Edwin Theriault is on this trend ,minting a new NFT ERC 1145.

every few days. while mainstream galleries remain asleep at the wheel.

In brief when you buy an NFT, you are buying a token and the artwork linked to it. The transaction is registered on the decentralised Blockchain database. The work can be unique, or an edition with the non fungible token being unique to that work.

The purchase of the NFT, registered on the blockchain, provides a permanent record of that purchase and provides irrefutable proof of ownership; hence it’s security feature.

You can display the digital design you bought on your computer or TV, print it out, or resell it. While anyone can print out or display an image from the internet, that image does not belong to them and they cannot trade it, so NFTs protect the artist’s authorship and make a secondary Art Flip market possible.

The fear of all the complexity involved in smart contracts is eliminated with Sites offering use of Ethereum Name Service ENS tools that turn the 42-character Ethereum addresses into human readable names .

ENS offers a secure & decentralized way to address resources both on and off the blockchain using simple, human-readable names.” Some allow to deploy in fiat funds for those who do not have a metamask crypto wallet yet.

Since new blockchain addresses do not have a domain names they have Public Key and instead of a password they have a private key, instead of web hosting yearly they have a one time deployment fee called Eth of Gas , which is the Ethereum currency used to pay the Blockchain miners that pick up your in queue ( called mempool) request.
Gas fees vary from time of day, they can be low or very high depending on traffic. That is how they get paid for the bitcoin mining they do. My current Ethereum ERC1145 Contracts , deployed are getting more traffic then my regular non digital designs hosted on the web. Hence the excitement growing daily as I delve into this exciting new tech trend that is not going away anytime soon.

Claude Edwin Theriault
MBF-Lifestyle East Coast
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