Radix Health Launches Solution for Healthcare Groups Rolling Out Covid-19 Vaccine Programs Nationwide

radix health covid-19 vaccine solutions

Healthtech company providing support to message and schedule vaccinations for staff and patients

We have the opportunity to help organizations roll out vaccinations and also meet consumers where they start their health care journey to support them throughout their entire experience.”
— Arun Mohan (MD, CEO, and Co-Founder of Radix Health)
ATLANTA, GA, US, February 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Radix Health, a leading provider of patient access and engagement solutions, announces its new product offering which enables medical practices and hospital groups to manage Covid-19 vaccine communications and scheduling across multiple locations and markets throughout the United States. This vaccination messaging and scheduling solution will help mid-level and large organizations efficiently and securely roll out their Covid-19 programs, first for staff and healthcare workers, and then for patients as additional populations open up state-by-state.

As part of the launch, Radix Health is working closely with one of the leading non-profit health systems in the U.S. in rolling out a plan to engage with its hundreds of thousands of associates and affiliated providers at over 150 hospitals, enabling them to search for and schedule a vaccination appointment at a time and location convenient to the patient. To date, nearly 200,000 appointments have been scheduled and nearly 100,000 vaccinations have been given, representing one of the largest, independent vaccination efforts in the country.

Radix’s Covid-19 vaccine management solution helps medical groups and hospitals through pre-appointment engagement, online appointment scheduling and reminders, post-appointment communications, and collection of clinical data. These tools will streamline scheduling leveraging digital and mobile solutions, rather than burdening staff or call centers with managing vaccination appointments.

Additionally, Radix’s DASH software will continue to provide robust messaging to practices and hospitals which will assist with providing education and additional communication needed in future phases of vaccinating patients who want more information. While the public is growing less skeptical of the Covid-19 vaccine, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) survey, in December 2020, 27% of the public remains hesitant to get it, saying they probably or definitely would not get the Covid-19 vaccine even if it were available for free and deemed safe by scientists.

Details on Radix Health’s Covid-19 Vaccine Management Solution
Pre-appointment engagement
Medical groups can send information about the COVID-19 vaccine across multiple channels, inviting patients to schedule an appointment.

Online appointment scheduling
Patients can search for the most convenient location and appointment availability. Leveraging DASH’s advanced rules engine, patients can answer questions to confirm they qualify for the vaccine and to ensure the most appropriate appointment.
Patients can receive reminders via text, email, and phone. Reminders over text and email are actionable, enabling patients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments. Patients who do not arrive for their appointment can receive automated notifications, encouraging them to reschedule.
Digital registration and forms
Prior to the appointment patients can complete required forms such as medical history and consents, all digitally.

“While Covid-19 has devastated communities all over the world, it represents a once in a 100-year opportunity to drive meaningful change in how patients engage with the healthcare system. We have the opportunity to help organizations roll out vaccinations and also meet consumers where they start their health care journey to support them throughout their entire experience,” said Arun Mohan, MD (Co-Founder and CEO of Radix Health).

Mohan adds, “The vaccine effort will epitomize that and our team is proud of the work we'll do in pursuit of that goal with many great healthcare organizations.”

About Radix Health
Radix Health is a technology company that believes patient experience starts with patient access. Our data-driven solutions align provider supply with patient demand, maximizing existing capacity, and reducing delays in care. We help leading medical groups optimize every step of a patient’s appointment journey -- from alerting patients to needed care, helping them find the right provider, scheduling an appointment across multiple channels, and engaging with patients until the day of their visit. We take the busy work out of getting patients in the door so you can focus on the hard work of keeping them healthy. To learn more, please visit radixhealth.com or connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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