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MAFS Nicci Bridson near death experience attracts Hollywood Stars

Anna Kulinova with Nicci Bridson

From Hollywood to Australia

Hollywood Actor Anna Kulinova seeks solace with Australian survivor

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, January 29, 2021 / -- “I had gone from military style boot camps on the circuit at 5.30am, running tens of kilometers a week, swimming, pumping weights to dropping a kettle because it felt so heavy. My immune system was shutting down on me. I had swelling of the face and ankles, I lost weight and muscle rapidly and weighed under 48 kilos “, explained Nicci Bridson, 35 of Adelaide Australia, who gave up her television debut in 2018 with the ‘Top Rated’ Australian Reality TV Show, ‘Married At First Sight’-MAFS Season 6. “I couldn’t commit to the hours of filming. I mean what would I say to the producer… hey sorry I need to sleep another 15 hours, you can't film me today”. Bridson became sicker every day, she may have looked ok with a face of full makeup and some tousled locks but every day was a struggle according to Bridson.

“I had a chronic cough pre explant, dry skin, hair loss, Chronic Fatigue was the worst issue combined with dehydration but most of all the numbness of my hands and fingers had doctors believing I had Multiple Sclerosis or MS for short. I had a brain scan every 6 months where a number of white lesions appeared. The Neurologist said simply put, my brain was shorting out the connection to my body, I felt numb”, explained Bridson.
In late 2019 Bridson was diagnosed with Breast Implant Illness. “I had seen a number of surgeons who quite frankly didn't know much about it. I told the first surgeon after seeing the article in the paper that I feel like I'm dying. He took one look at me with a face of makeup and said well you seem ok. It is a very rare chance that it is breast cancer. I had to cut out the newspaper article and take it in with me”, said Bridson.
In July 24, 2019 Allergan announced a global recall of Biocell textured implants after the FDA requested a recall. The recall comes after a rare type of cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma. (ALCL) has been linked to textured implants. Bridson had another seizure on New Year's day of 2020 while she was driving home. She was taken by ambulance to Adelaide hospital again unable to move her arms. She became so weak she couldn't work.
Doctors shortly afterwards agreed with Bridson to performing a double explant and to remove all tissue near the implants as recommended by the FDA. Within days her energy was returning, her breathing was no longer labored and she started to regain her motor control.
Still left with many brain lesions and fainting episodes Bridson began to see things happening to people she spoke to them. She saw pictures flashing in her head that started to manifest into premonitions. She believes it was a gift caused by her near death experience and her new spiritual awakening. She started talking to people and immediately started seeing snapshots about them, their past and their future. Talking to them they understood the meanings of what she was talking about and Bridson is now the confidante to many ‘A list’ Celebrities who have reached out to her via Zoom and other video links during these difficult times.
Bridson stated that she even predicted the recent Adelaide Hills bushfires months ago even describing on social media the description of the elderly man with ties to the property that would be deliberately lit. This week a man who allegedly lit a fire in the Adelaide Hills while a separate blaze raged uncontrolled about 10 kilometres away has appeared briefly in court. It will be alleged that the 61-year-old started a blaze on Piggott Range Road, at Clarendon in the Adelaide Hills.
Recently Hollywood Actor and Celebrity Model Anna Kulinova reached out to Bridson for a more personal understanding of her life and understanding of herself only to find Bridson had a very in-depth knowledge of her sick father which no one else knew about as well and so much of her personal life. The Bulgarian born blue eyed beauty Anna Kulinova is known for acting in ‘After The Outbreak’ (2017) ‘Valentine's Day’ (2010), ‘New Year's Eve’ (2011) and ‘Searching for Bobby D’ (2005). Millions have seen her on giant billboards in New York as the ‘Vogue Poster Girl’ and on the side of New York City buses. Kulinova is often snapped by paparazzi at events such as the Oscars with the likes of Paris Hilton, Bradley Cooper, Mel Gibson or Leonardo DiCaprio. We will see Kulinova soon in ‘Fuhgedd About It’ , building a criminal empire in pre-production where she plays Ashley and again as Natasha in the soon to be released ‘Family Feud’ a dark comedy.
When asked to tell us about her experience with Bridson she said , “I would love to talk about my reading with Nicci Bridson. I may say I have been trying all kinds of mediums and clairvoyants but she blew me away with her reading. She is one of the best out there. She was so accurate. She told me things from my personal life who nobody knew. Things about my Dads sickness and Garry Marshall who was my mentor... She is somebody I will highly recommend to all my friends”.
Kulinova went on to say, “I may she looks amazing, she should be a ‘Movie Star’ as well. I’m so grateful to meet such an amazing soul, she is beautiful inside and out and a very spiritual, pure soul ready to help you with your life”.

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