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Green is the new gold: Will you strike gold by receiving a letter from The Property Block?

The Property Block

LONDON, UK, January 28, 2021 / -- Almost a month after opening their new land and planning department in Kent, The Property Block has started sending out their signature green envelopes with offers to purchase hundreds of lucky recipients Homes and land for up to 25% above market value.

The Property Block is a pioneering land option company that uses advanced technology to identify buildings and brownfield land that are suitable for development into multiple affordable homes.

The company has an ethos of developing necessary homes to alleviate the housing crises, without building on green land. In order to achieve this, The Property Block has invested in technology that identifies land that can be redeveloped more efficiently, and rebuilds on it.

Since it's expansion away from The Property Block's Surrey office, the Kent office has used its combination of technology and planning expertise to identify hundreds of properties with the potential for development, and it is now in the process of sending out it's easily identifiable green A4 envelopes to tell the lucky home and landowners that their property is worth significantly more than they would have thought, and making an offer to buy for well above current market value.

If you are not one of the lucky ones to receive a green envelope, don't despair. If you are interested in selling your home or land and believe that it has the potential for development, The Property Block is happy to take inbound enquiries and assess your property's potential.

For those who are fortunate enough to receive a green envelope, and would like to cash in on their good fortune, think of the things that the unexpected windfall could do for you and don't delay in responding.

In the meantime, fingers crossed, one of those green envelopes might be coming through your letterbox.

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