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In a Year Marked by Isolation, Canada’s Leading Hearing Care Provider Helped Those in Need Stay Connected with Free Hearing Aids, Batteries, and Remote Support

TORONTO, CANADA, January 27, 2021 / -- In a year full of challenges, HearingLife, Canada’s leading local hearing care provider, proudly commends its dedicated team of hearing care professionals who rose to the task and helped raise more than $250,000 for the annual Campaign for Better Hearing. Despite monthslong closures, the caring staff behind more than 250 clinics conducted an impressive 64,423 free hearing tests, resulting in a $4 per test donation to the life-changing campaign.

Since 2015, more than $1.6 million has been raised to support the distribution of hundreds of free hearing aids to Canadians nationwide who cannot afford them. Two hundred hearing aids were donated to 2020 recipients, including a military veteran, an elderly couple wanting to enjoy more out of life with their great-granddaughter, and a teenage girl navigating her way through high school.

Starting in Canada as the National Campaign for Better Hearing, the movement has since expanded to more than 11 countries. The program educates the public about the effects of untreated hearing loss and the importance of making hearing tests part of the annual health regimen for Canadians over the age of 60. Almost half of Canadians over 60 have some form of hearing loss, and the impact extends far beyond the ears to include significant emotional and social consequences. The campaign challenges all Canadians to “Test Your Ears at 60 Years.”

“Despite the challenges of 2020, our team persevered to improve the lives of thousands of Canadians with hearing loss,” says Jillian Price, HearingLife’s chief audiologist. “We know that 40% of Canadians ages 20 to 79 experience hearing loss. With increased usage of ear pods for everything from phone calls, to listening to music, to virtual video meetings, we’re seeing increasing numbers of Canadians concerned about hearing health. As we start this new and hopeful year, we’re even more committed than ever to helping those in need, whether it’s through the Campaign for Better Hearing, or the daily support we provide those experiencing hearing loss, which can profoundly impact relationships, quality of life, and even cognitive health.”

2020 proved to be a notable year in hearing health. In August 2020, a new report in The Lancet, one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, identified hearing loss as the greatest modifiable risk factor for dementia.

The Campaign for Better Hearing donation comes on the heels of HearingLife’s $2 million gift of free batteries mailed to Canadians during the pandemic. This proactive gift was part of HearingLife anticipating patients’ needs, particularly for high-risk, elderly customers, who would otherwise be left in silence.

HearingLife continues to help Canadians stay connected through numerous convenient and safe options, including in-person clinic visits, phone support, online chat support, online ordering, and a variety of self-help videos and guides. For assistance, or to book a free, no-obligation hearing test – no physician referral needed – call 1-855-785-3616 or find a HearingLife location near you online at

About HearingLife
HearingLife is Canada’s leading local hearing care provider, with more than 250 convenient locations near you. Nearly half of all Canadians over 60 suffer from hearing loss. As Canada’s largest hearing care provider with hundreds of convenient centres from coast to coast, HearingLife is actively working to raise awareness about this alarming and largely unaddressed health concern. Through its Campaign for Better Hearing, HearingLife has the simple but lofty goal of providing a free hearing test to every Canadian over the age of 60 and making hearing aids accessible to those who cannot otherwise afford them. HearingLife delivers hearing health and is part of Audika Group, an international hearing care provider and member of the global hearing health company Demant. HearingLife can be found online at, on Twitter @hearinglifeca, on Instagram @hearinglifecanada, on Facebook at and LinkedIn at

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